Kangra Tea House (KTH) is a startup (already listed in top beverage startups in 2022) led and driven by women. KTH is a socio-commercial startup with an objective of helping the Farmers in the Kangra Valley with alternatives to the devilish middlemen/ tea-auctions - the reason it is generically named brand: Kangra Tea House. Kangra Tea (GI Tagged) is premium 100% Certified Organic Whole Leaf Tea, one of the healthiest (by research - snapshot attached) and finest/ tastiest in the world (globally awarded) and yet not even known well in our own country. Britishers had reserved this tea only for themselves and later the middlemen dominated this limited edition tea for exports. Rated as the 'Best Sellers' in the The Organic World Stores (founded by Infy Founder Mr SD Shibulal) & GoNative Stores gives us confidence to make good of this opportunity. A Product of Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Premium tea that PM Shri Narender Modi gifted Mr Donald Trump. The KHAGOFE Promise lends extra weight to our offering - K: Kangra Whole Leaf Tea (GI Tagged), zero tea dust,H: Handcrafted, not machine cut, A: Awarded Globally for Taste & Aroma in London & Amsterdam, G: Finest Grade, only top tender whole leaves & buds, O: 100% Certified Organic ingredients, zero Non Organic ingredients, F: First Flush/ Harvest only, Most Premium & Richest source of Antioxidants, E: Earth Friendly Airtight Borosilicate Glass Jar with Oaktree Cork in an ecofrienly Paper.

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