Well, it’s impossible to suppress our excitement of exploring the world in 2022, something that was a dream for the last 2 years. Now that it is time to visit our much treasured vacation spots, it’s also time we get back to dressing in our chic travel outfits and experiment with new styles as you go out and about the globe. This is the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh as we’ve been staying indoors much of the past years, so let the traveller in you express yourself in a myriad of ways and communicate your individuality!

For many of us these past years have made us rethink and evaluate our actions, realise the significance of not just consuming what adds value to us, but doing so while being compassionate about our surroundings as well. As much as the fashion enthusiasts in us are inspired by expressing individuality through our fashion choices, let this be the year we give equal consideration towards reflecting on our personal values and be mindful of how our choices impact the environment and people.

No doubt, comfy breathable pieces are what we’d live in during our summer travels and the pandemic has only strengthened the need for comfort in dressing at all times of the year! There are many options - from dressing bralettes into tops, cut out details, co-ords, trouser suits which are currently seen in every fashion editorials and in your fashion wish lists. For the summers we suggest opting for these styles in fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and linen that not only feel amazing on the skin, but also softens as one wears it. So by the end of your trip, your shirt will be even more comfy! The fabric hemp, apart from being very easy to grow and sustainable in nature, is a summer essential because it will naturally protect your skin from the UV rays from the sun, and is also antimicrobial. Similarly, linen is very resilient, comfortable and versatile as they can be worn throughout the year in all weather conditions. Here are some picks from OurBetterPlanet, all from brands that are sustainable, ethical and made from summer friendly fabrics.


This hemp Bralette Top from Amalgam is all about comfort and oozes summer style.

An interplay of colours, embroidered details, and welt pockets from Anushe Pirani - this is your perfect statement summer cami top.


Kimira Green Dress from Ora

A Front Knotted summer dress in linen like this one can be your go-to vacation dress to feel cute and comfortable.

The Maria dress from Untung, is a cheerful cotton shift dress that lifts up your mood instantly!

Reversible Dress From Anyà

Multiway dresses are very popular today, as these silhouettes can be worn in different ways which makes it super versatile. The puff sleeve gives a romantic look, and can be worn reversed for a different look. What’s even better is the linen fabric that ensures you feel just as good as how the dress flatters you.

The Aska Dress from Dan Ba

Perfect for the free spirited explorer in you, wandering around the beach and resort locations, a summer party with your pals, a long flowy dress like this s sure to make a statement. Maxi dresses are not only flattering, but especially in summer 2022, these flowy styles in earthy tones will guarantee your summer look to be at the top of the style ladder.

Striped linen dress from Aeka By Anypriya

Stripes add fun and playfulness to any basic piece! This season is all about bright and bold stripes. In spring summer 2022 designers have played with different colours and stripe sizes to create a bold statement.


Kaftans are a no brainer for summers and can give you a comfy, yet luxurious vibe. An airy and light kaftan style dress are ideal for heat waves or beach days.

A comfy and adorable short kaftan from Anyà

A beautiful earthy toned piece from Dan Ba

Want to look polished and put together without a thought? Co-ords are your best bet!


The appeal of a set is that it looks put together effortlessly. A co-ord set will ensure you don’t have to curate an outfit every time you go out!

Co-ord set from Anyà

What makes them even more versatile is that you can opt to wear the top and bottom together as one complete look, or separately to complement the pieces in your wardrobe. A printed co-ord can make a bold statement or you can mix and match with your wardrobe basics for a more subtle vibe.


The Boyfriend Shirt from Anyà

An oversized white shirt in breathable fabric makes the perfect summer staple piece. For your travel look, opt for shirts designed to be slouchy, with enough volume in the sleeves which gives a laid back look. These can be useful all year round and can be layered to suit various occasions, thanks to the lightness that works year-round – be it worn over a swimsuit or with jeans. There are many refreshing ways to wear the staple be it over a bralette, mini dresses, and bodysuits. You can easily transform your shore outfit to a brunch look just by pairing an open button-up over your beachwear.


This Hemp skirt from Reistor makes a great summer bottom wear option to stroll around.

To conclude, the resort season 2022 embarks on the joy of getting back to normalcy. While we start being more conscious in our fashion choices, fabrics that will let you enjoy the moment to the fullest with the way they feel on skin is also important. We hope our picks help you choose your destination outfit, and make memories to cherish this summer getaway! :)

You can shop all these styles at https://www.ourbetterplanet.com

April 18, 2022 — Our Better Planet