Raksha Bandhan is a day for love, good vibes and, in some cases, a short truce between siblings. We may spend the rest of the year bickering and arguing, but on this one day, it’s “us against the world!”

On Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a rakhi, or a talisman, around her brother’s wrist. Traditionally, it symbolizes hope for safety for her brother. The brother, in turn, would hand her a small gift or a token with the promise of protection.

It is a sweet tradition, one that we continue to enjoy to this day. This year, in the same spirit of happy vibes, we hope to extend the promise of protection to something beyond our family: Planet Earth. With big Raksha Bandhan sales blowing up on every website, Our Better Planet is on a mission to make it a sustainable and ecofriendly holiday.

So, if you’re looking for a little bit of help, here are a few rakhi and gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan this year.

Unpurl Crochet Magic https://www.ourbetterplanet.com/Store/unpurl?category=Rakhi-&c1=11&c2=34&c3=99&c4=591


If you’re looking for a sustainable set of rakhis, here you are! Unpurl has a selection of rakhis that are made entirely by hand. Headed by a mother-daughter duo, this brand brings back knitting and crochet with a bang. In fact, they have a small team of craftspeople who have turned to this age-old art form to make a living. Each rakhi is made with natural yarn to bring you a truly sustainable Raksha Bandhan. These rakhis are reusable as bracelets, especially paired with beautiful matching earrings! Move over single-use, plastic rakhis with this gorgeous range!

Luka Chupi Artisanal Gifts



Step up the rakhi game with these amazing artisanal gift boxes by Luka Chupi. These boxes come with a whole bunch of gifts and goodies to go with their rakhis. From stationery and organisers to your aarti essentials, we can guarantee that there's a gift box here that will suit your needs. Each piece in these boxes is handcrafted, vegan, cruelty-free and made from beautiful upcycled materials.

For any fans of the design, here’s a little fun fact! The minimalist look of these products is inspired by Japanese origami techniques to give you a simplistic vibe. The perfect gift for anyone, don’t you think?

Ba No Batwo DIY Kit



We truly think, that there is no gift quite like good, old fashioned quality time. These rakhis are just the added bonus! Spend time with your siblings trying out these one-of-a-kind DIY rakhis. This set comes with all the essentials to help you create your own custom designs. The materials are all-natural and ecofriendly right from woollen thread to wooden beads.

Oh but there’s more! The central bead actually holds seeds. You can take the rakhi off after the ceremony, break the shell and simply plant the seeds in a garden pot. A fun rakhi for your sibling, and gorgeous green for your plant collection!

Works of Art by Froggmag



We may scream, we may fight, but there’s truly nothing quite like the bond we have with our siblings. Celebrate that bond with these unique rakhis by Froggmag. Featuring the traditional artform of Prachin Kari, these rakhis are made with enduring materials like glass and metal. They are beautiful keepsakes, the perfect alternative to single-use rakhis.

Prachin Kari is a local art form of Firzabad that has been popular since the Mughal era. The rakhis are handmade by local artisans using traditional tools and techniques to bring you these breathtaking designs. Each rakhi is painstakingly inlaid with detailed artwork inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage.

If you have a sibling who is living away from home, send them your love with these beautiful works of art.

Ultimate Rakhi Hampers by OBP



If you’re still on the lookout for rakhi gifts, we have you covered! Our team at Our Better Planet has created a range of eco-friendly gift hampers for you and your siblings. Candles, soaps, chocolates, dry fruits, activity kits, jewellery, and more, each hamper offers something different.

Every hamper comes with a rakhi placed in a special compostable envelope. After the ceremony, you can put the rakhi back in the envelope and plant it. The rakhis hold Beejpatta seeds that are perfect for any beginner. We have done our utmost to make these packages as sustainable as we can!

The hampers come in a biodegradable, reusable basket and ecofriendly packaging. These products are made in collaboration with organisations and businesses that work with local artisans, natural produce, socially deprived communities to bring you the best, most positive impact.

Raksha Bandhan is about joy, love and an unshakeable sense of safety. With our selection of sustainable products, we hope to bring those vibes to the rest of the world too. Happy shopping!

August 12, 2021 — Our Better Planet