“What’s done in love, is done well” - a quote by Vincent Van Gogh which inspired us as Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

When you’re in love, you begin to care, to begin to empathise, and that love and care goes way beyond yourself and your significant other. You start to love everything around.

This valentine's season, we want to encourage all our readers to start their sustainability journey with their significant others and spread the love to the planet that we call home.

Here are top 5 ideas to venture into the realm of sustainability hand in hand with your partner…

  1. Discuss sustainability

Before you start taking any action, or any steps towards leading a sustainable lifestyle, it’s very important to discuss and talk about sustainability with your partner.

Share your thoughts, communicate your ideologies and discuss the changes you want to bring to your lifestyle for a better tomorrow, with them beside you. It’s going to change for the both of you, which is why talking about it and setting goals together is key.

  1. Start with basics

To lead a sustainable life together, you do not have to make a 360 degree shift and change your entire system.

Make smaller, simpler changes that are easy to achieve. Replace routine steps with more sustainable options.

For eg, remove single use products from your home, whether it’s your single use garbage bags, plastic cutlery that you’ll carry for lunch, or just plastic wraps or foils you use. Switch them for better more sustainable options like disposable garbage bags, beeswax wrap, etc

  1. Turn dates sustainable

Sustainability need not just be a part of your daily routine and an effort that needs to be made. Sustainability can be woven into a fun date too.

Explore fun workshops together, attend a pottery workshop, learn how to make homemade soap together, head together to a community Gardening, or beach clean ups. Activities like these are sure to make you bond so much more than just dining and having wine at a fancy restaurant.

  1. Make gifting sustainable

Love is shared and received with the giving of gifts. Make this loving gesture even more loving by opting for sustainable options.

Here’s a simple trick, everytime you pick a gift for your significant other, ask yourself two questions,

How happy will this make my partner?

How happy will this make my planet?

If the answer to both of these are the same, you know it’s the right gift!

  1. Take it slow

Lastly, always remember that you and your partner are two different individuals and will do things at your own pace and at your understanding. Do not push ideas on to your significant other. Growing together is a lovely process, but growth on its own is a individual process and you have to allow your partner to grow in their own manner.

We’re hoping this discourse has given you some inspiration and everyone reading this will start their own individual journey very soon!


Team OBP

February 18, 2023 — sangita Banerjee De