Our Gifting Guide comprises recommendations not only for the year end but for everytime you think you want to get your loved ones a piece that they will cherish for life and also that will have a story associated with it! This guide is built to enable and support sustainable behaviors and hence derives from the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we strongly believe in a small change going a long way in philosophy and work in conjunction with brands that help consumers live more sustainably in their everyday lives.

Gifting is an art and hence very few are able to decipher it and understand the thought process of the artist while creating it, we are here to help you do the same! At OurBetterPlanet we take immense pride in curating products that are keepsake and valuable to the giver as well as the receiver, we make sure we value the ecosystem and in the process making it a thing of pride to own a piece that's so thoughtfully created.

Here are a few suggestions for your friends and family, feel free to ask us for a pdf version of the same by writing to us on info@ourbetterplanet.com or even for any feedback that you might have. We derive immense JOY in curating and customizing gifts for a particular occasion as well, so read on and you might find just what you were looking for:

1. The Stationary Organizer

The fabric pouch by Indiegood keeps your stationery organized helping you carry what is necessary on your travels and stay decluttered. The size is designed in a way that makes carrying it around and fitting into compact spaces easy. It is made of khadi cotton, is washable and comes with a zipper to store the smaller items.

It's a great gift for people on the go who love to journal or artists who love to capture landscapes wherever they travel.

2. Cutlery Kit

"It’s only one straw", said 8 billion people?? And that's the reality… Disposable straws and cutlery are used for a few minutes and are sent straight to the landfill, as they are too difficult to collect, segregate and recycle!

Making reCharkha's UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Cutlery Kit an integral part of your bag/tote/backpack will enable us to reduce dependency on single use plastic! This kit comes with all essential reusables like a wooden or steel spoon, fork, a straw with a straw cleaner made of coconut choir.It's a great gift for somebody who likes to take a small step at a time towards the climate crisis!

3. Pure Align Yoga Mat

Yoga practice has long term health benefits, along with working on your body, yoga practice works on your mind and helps you be one with nature. Kosha Yoga Mats are made of a PVC-free, recycled PU top surface and a 100% biodegradable natural rubber base.

These are sweat absorbent and are a perfect gift for anybody who wants to end/start the year right!

4. Kids Helper Chef Apron and Hat

Unleash the MasterChef inside your little ones with our unique, one of a kind apron and hat. These aprons are perfect for a play date / pretend play/photoshoot and to keep their clothes clean while they whip up a dessert or bake a cake in the kitchen for their family and loved ones.

Our products are handmade with Love. Each one weaves a story / rekindles the imagination / inspires and motivates the mind of a young one in an eclectic blend of colors and styles. All our products are child and environment-friendly, sustainable, and proudly made in India.

5. Hawa Mahal Lapdesk

Inspired by the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, our lap desk is made of solid birchwood and married with function. Much like its regal namesake, it allows ventilation to keep one's laptop cool.

Equipped with a slot for a phone, an outlet for wires and a space for mousepad which doubles up as a perch for treats. Designed to ensure ease and comfort our Hawa Mahal lapdesk lets you work without leaving the couch. It's a perfect gift for the current work from home situation and helps you stay completely organized and clutter free.

6. Beeswax Food Wrap.

These sleek mugs are extremely lightweight can be customised and are microwavable.These Nespresso style mugs are made with a bio-base of Himalayan pine needles and resist food smell / heat transfer.

Each visible pine needle fiber on this mug's surface grain finish has been picked up by a village worker's hands, deep in the Himalayan jungles which means somewhere, a potential forest fire was averted with your responsible purchase.

7. Pine Coffee Mug

These sleek mugs are extremely lightweight can be customised and are microwavable.These Nespresso style mugs are made with a bio-base of Himalayan pine needles and resist food smell / heat transfer.

Each visible pine needle fiber on this mug's surface grain finish has been picked up by a village worker's hands, deep in the Himalayan jungles which means somewhere, a potential forest fire was averted with your responsible purchase

8. Colour Selvedge Table Napkin

These napkins from Kara Ventures will add a lot of interest to your festive dinner/lunch settings, made out of 100 % cotton yarn they are highly absorbent and dry up quickly, A four-side black border and fun colourways add a lot of graphic pattern to the table

9. Front Crossbody Tyre Tube Sling

A sleek medium-sized cross-body hip bag made of inner tube with a zipper, with adjustable shoulder strap. It can be used in many ways and the unisex bag has three compartments. All these compartments are secured with a metal zipper and the bag is lined with durable cotton lining. These compartments can accommodate cards, travel documents, cash, keys and other things that can be very easily misplaced.

Durable, yet lightweight and sleek looking, it is the perfect accessory for all occasions, be it travel or festival or party. This bag is handcrafted by repurposing post consumer tyre tube waste and hence is an impactful purchase!

10. TempeWala Chipotle Dehydrated Tempeh Bites

Tempeh is a 2000-year-old ancient superfood dominant in the Indonesian community. It is made by fermenting soybeans in a controlled temperature for upto 3 days. Tempeh is packed with protein, fiber and nutrients like B-12 and iron.Each pack contains cubed and dried tempeh. Can be consumed as a healthy snack or rehydrated. A suitable topping to salads, take it on your treks as a good source of protein, calories and fats.

A great gift to support a plant based diet consisting of clean ingredients and reduce the urge to subscribe to dairy or meat products!

11. Handmade Lemongrass Paper A5 Journal

Beautifully handcrafted High-quality paper journals comprise of blank handmade cotton paper that is acid-free, chemical-free and tree-free. This gorgeous, thick antiqued paper prevents bleed-through and feels amazing. Environmentally sensitive and fountain pen friendly.

Ideal for anybody who loves journaling or can also be gifted to people who love to sketch and preserve memories.

12. Hemp Seed Pet Oil

This hemp seed oil naturally stabilizes and improves your cat's mood and overall well-being. Hemp is a nutritious, sustainable, natural superfood with unmatchable health benefits. Apply directly into your cat's mouth, or in their food. Use topically on the skin and it Calms anxiety, Reduces inflammation & skin irritation, Boosts joint health and mobility,Maintains moisture balance of skin & fur, Supports immunity, gut, and brain function.

Gift it to a pet parent and help them go all natural!

13.Complete Personal Care Kit

This Complete personal enables you to fight against the Plastic Pandemic by doing away with all disposables that end up in landfills. The kit Includes:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush | Soft Bristles x 1
  • Copper Tongue Cleaner x 1
  • Neem Comb x 1
  • Cotton Mask x 1
  • Bamboo Earbuds | 100 sticks x 1
  • Natural Loofah x 2
  • Infinite Peace for Earth

It's a must have if you think and can process the intensity of issues we are faced with and also if you realize that every small step matters!

14. Last Forest Wintergreen Oil

Therapeutic Essential Oil - Wintergreen (Eases Joint and Muscle Pain). Extracted from the Wintergreen plant, this oil is the perfect solution for joint and muscle pains. Extracted from the plant that has made the word wintergreen its own, Last Forest's wintergreen oil is the perfect remedy to treat muscle and joint pains! Ideal for winters, this is a must have and it ticks all the boxes of being the most environment friendly both ingredient wise as well as by enabling one to give back to the women who create these

Fair Payment - With each purchase of these oils, you give back to the community and the women who work hard behind creating these products.

15. Handcrafted Scented Soy wax Candle Jar

These sustainable jar candles are handcrafted from 100% Natural soy wax, essential oil and cotton wick. They are available in the scents of Rose, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lost in Woods, and Citronella.Setuveda candle collections are created to set the tone for the memories you create in your home! Whatever your decorating style, there’s a candle that will add flair and aroma to your house.

These candles are smoke free, chemical/paraffin free and infused with essential oils, what can be a better gift than the gift of light this festive season!

16. Bamboo Cotton Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Bamboo cotton reusable makeup remover wipes—Pack of 4, these are a must have in everybodies toiletry kit, these are washable and hence reusable, made out of bamboo fiber they help you avoid single use cotton wipes that eventually end up in the landfill.

17. Eco Femme Natural Organic Starter Kit

Eco Femme “Starter Kit” is a great way to get introduced to cloth pads and make the switch towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The starter kit Includes: 1 Pantyliner, 1 Day Pad, 1 Day Pad Plus, 1 Night Pad made out of 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton.

Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise with a Goal to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering. This starter kit is a perfect gift for anybody starting this journey or even for folks who are ready to make an environmentally conscious switch.

We hope Our gifting Guide enables you to make better decisions and irrespective of what you choose, prioritize the environment because this is the only thing we leave behind for the next generation that's irreplaceable! We encourage you to Show up - Actively participate in organizations, buy from companies that support sustainable living, and vote.

Happy Shopping and we wish you a very cheerful and Green Festive Season!

December 13, 2022 — Pallavi Srivastava