The Holiday season is around the corner! It's the time when every home gets a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning. This is also the time when most online decor stores start recommending products.

During this time, it's easy to forget about sustainability. Most mass-produced commercial products are often harmful to the environment.

Made from low-quality plastic, through a polluting manufacturing process, these products can cause your carbon footprint to skyrocket.

Here at Our Better Planet, we offer you a few alternatives. We have some of the best, handcrafted products in India. These ecofriendly products are made from sustainable materials and help support traditional artisans. So, if you're looking for decor and furnishing products for the holidays, here are our top picks!

Pendant Lights by Earthheart

Let's start from the top! If you’re prepping the house for Diwali, it may be a great time to invest in new light fixtures. A good looking lamp can make or break the space. So it is important to pick something that goes with your aesthetic while also adding the right festival cheer.

So, if you’re looking for ideas, we recommend these pendant lights. Earthheart blends contemporary designs with traditional handiwork to bring you these gorgeous pieces. Each pendant is handmade from terracotta and handpainted. Just fit it with energy-saving LED bulbs and light up your home for the festival of lights!

Tealight Holders by Ekibeki

Speaking of the festival of lights, where would we be without tealights? Tealights made of beeswax or other ecofriendly alternatives are a great substitute for oil lamps. But, let’s face it, they can be a bit difficult to style. That is why we highly recommend these gorgeous tealight holders by Ekibeki.

Beautiful by themselves, these tealight holders look even prettier under candlelight. They are made from enamelled copper and are heavily inspired by rangoli designs. Enamelling is an age-old technique practised by rural artisans of Maharashtra. The metal is carefully oxidized to bring you beautiful colours that would work great with your own rangoli creations. A must-have for the season!

Stone Pillboxes by Al Maun

As handcrafted products in India go, we are most well-known for our stonework. Anyone who has visited the Taj Mahal falls in love with the beautiful carvings and designs. If you’re looking to bring that same beauty home, we suggest these Pill Boxes by Al Maun.

Straight from the artisans of Agra, these boxes feature latticework and carvings that add an easy elegance to your décor. Each box is hand-carved with traditional tools and methods. Whether you’re looking for a home décor piece, a candle holder, incense stick holder or simply tableware, these gorgeous pieces should be on your shopping list.

Traditional Tableware by Rewari

No celebration is complete without food. If you’re planning to serve a festival spread, do it in style. Adding the right tableware can add a touch of vintage elegance to your festival décor. Rewari brings a collection of traditional tableware that fits the bill. Handmade with traditional metals, this selection combines style and substance. Not only do the pieces look great, but they are also said to have health benefits. So, go ahead, serve in style!

Colourful cushion covers by Afghan Artisan

The easiest way to update your home for a festival is a great new cushion collection! Take it from us, this will definitely transform your space. If you’re looking for something new try this selection by Afghan Artisans.

Bright and colourful, this collection comes from rural Bhadohi in UP. Each piece is handmade from wool or cotton by the local women. These pieces have a contemporary design with a traditional twist. Its avant-garde aesthetic will add the perfect pizzaz to your desi-modern interior. Really, these covers are a great investment!

The holidays are a great time to give your home a makeover. You don't need much, just the right pieces. The right decor and furnishing pieces can go a long way to bring in a new look. We hope this list helps. If you want to give yourself a makeover, try out our collection of carefully crafted apparel and accessories too! You never know what you may find.

September 20, 2021 — Our Better Planet