Finding your personal style is hard, doing it in an eco-conscious way can be even harder. With trends changing like shifting sands, it’s difficult to double down on something that may work in the long run. But the classics, are classics for a reason. Finding the right pair of pants or a timeless scarf can go a long way in building a more sustainable wardrobe.

The way we see it, it’s not about how much you own, but what you own. The pieces you select for your look, the quality of the fabric, its comfort quotient, and the resilience of the design to changes in time can easily make or break your wardrobe.

The pieces we recommend are mix-and-match staples, that are made with a healthy respect for the environment. So, if that’s what you’re looking for here are our picks for pieces that you can wear over and over again!

Rumu Kimono Shirt by Earthroute

Let’s start with the basics: you absolutely must have a classic striped top in your wardrobe. Contrary to most mass-produced tops, Earthroute brings you something different. This top is handwoven with naturally dyed white and navy cotton yarn. It looks good, feels great and is completely eco-friendly. With its relaxed fit and flowy kimono sleeves, this top can easily swing between a laid-back casual to a business casual look.

Collared Top by Sadhna

Now for a more desi touch! This top by Sadhna features a mandarin collar, long sleeves, a flattering cut and a beautiful block print design. It is made from organic cotton and is actually a Craftmark product. Throw it on with your favourite jeans or pair it with palazzos. The hand-embroidered detailing on the shoulders should add just that extra bit of oomph to your look.

Black Linen Dress by Folk

Every wardrobe deserves a little black dress. This straight-cut, handwoven dress by Folk brings you the comfort of linen with the easy styling of this classic outfit. Honestly, just throw on a belt, some chunky accessories and a good pair of shoes and watch this gorgeous piece come to life. It is natural and handmade, you really can't go wrong.

Sand in my Toes Skirt by Reistor

Life’s better with the right skirt, and we believe this skirt is right for everyone! It’s a wrap-around which means, you can really adjust it to your waistline. Made from hemp fabric, this skirt is biodegradable and even uses an organic cotton thread for the sewn seams. Hemp, in fact, is a far more sustainable alternative to the water-heavy cotton crop. When it comes to styling, this skirt is a very strong contender. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, or just a cottagecore Sunday with the family, this skirt is your best bet.

Joie de vivre Pants by Niraa

Whether you wear it with a cute top or a business-chic button-down, these pants by Niraa are super versatile. Made from khadi cotton, with AZO-free dyes, these pants sport a pleated detail and flared silhouette also brings it a fun retro vibe. Just a cherry on top, it comes with a pocket! Comfortable, classy and easy to match, these pants are the complete package.

Joma Bomber Jacket by Terra Tribe

For the fans of the urban, street look, there is no replacing a good looking Bomber Jacket. So why not give this one a whirl? This jacket by Terra Tribe is made from a sturdy Tencel fabric. Tencel is made from wood pulp and has a comfortable, smooth texture. This jacket brings earthy tones to an outfit, that makes it easy to pair with just about anything! Whether you want to pull out old cargo pants, sweats or even a pair of cotton shorts, we guarantee this jacket will become your go-to.

Daisy Handwoven Cotton Shrug by Earthroute

Sometimes all you need to complete a simple top-and-jeans outfit is the right shrug. This is the right shrug! Simple and flowing, this shrug has a relaxed fit and a high-low hemline that just works with any look. It is made from comfortable hand-spun cotton and features low-key hand embroidery for just the right amount of detail. Did we mention that this has pockets? Throw on this shrug for the ultimate casual-chic look.

Nursing Scarf by Kara Ventures

Speaking of versatile shrugs, here is another that you cannot miss. In easy, understated colours, this shrug doubles as a scarf. Throw it on like a poncho or wrap it around your neck, the styling options are endless. True to its name, this scarf is great if you’re a nursing mother. Its wide neckline and breathable, handwoven cotton fabric bring unparalleled comfort. But we would recommend this to just about anyone looking for a more versatile wardrobe.

Lime & Turquoise Scarf by Kara Ventures

If you like a pop of colour, this brand truly does it right. This scarf by Kara Ventures can add just the right splash to your everyday outfit. Whether is a casual T-shirt-and-jeans combo or an elegant Kurti suit, this scarf is the right choice. It is made from comfy handwoven cotton that is light and breathable. Its bright, summery colours and tassel detailing give you free rein while styling your look.

Yellow Floral Silk Stole by ArtEastri

If the summer colours aren’t your thing, here's is a scarf with deeper autumnal tones. This scarf by ArtEastri is made from pure silk. The scarf also has gorgeous hand embroidery in the traditional Kantha artform. If you’re a fan of mixing desi designs with the more contemporary, this scarf is right up your alley. The soft, comfortable fabric paired with the deep hues and sewn artwork makes this scarf a staple for the Indian wardrobe.

September 09, 2021 — Our Better Planet