Ourbetterplanet and Daily Dump are joining hands to suggest efficient utilization of household waste, which is something we all deal with in our daily lives. If it's kitchen waste for instance, we will address ways to make the process of composting easier for people, break the myths around it and try to address most questions that arise in one's mind when they think of walking down this path.

Daily Dump is a pioneer when it comes to putting waste to best use, our partnership will help us learn from the best and we want our community to benefit from this association as well. This campaign is directed to enable our community better and to make them self sufficient when it comes to addressing any waste and putting it to optimal use.

Composting helps you create and enables growth, the process is systematic and needs consistency, which is a trait OurbetterPlanet completely believes in. So come join us on this fun journey of “Creating from Waste '' and be a “Warrior for Earth ''!

Step 1: share videos and write ups about how you got started with composting? What was the trigger and also how easy or difficult was it to get the right products to facilitate composting?

Step 2: If your video or write up gets shortlisted we will publish it on social media so that it inspires more people. We might reach out to you to seek more details that can help people get started.

Step 3: if your video or write up is in the top 3 then we will reach out to you and arrange for an hour long session wherein we will bring together the top 3 participants and have them share their stories, the forum will also be one for questions. The idea is to answer the starter questions and simplify the process for people who are on the edge.

Step 4: All participants receive Vouchers and Coupons from OurBetterPlanet.com; top 3 participants will receive goodies from Daily Dump as well.

May 13, 2022 — Our Better Planet