Diwali: the time of joy, prosperity, and the triumph of good over evil. We have all grown up to these words, words that hold more weight now more than ever. It is the time for happy spirits and gifts!

With the festival barely a month away, most of us are already scouring for Diwali gift ideas online. With big blowout sales and massive discounts on every platform, it’s easy to get swept up into the swing of things. If we were to take a guess, we’d say you have run out of gift ideas, and have far more unimportant stuff in our carts than you need. To be honest, we were in the same boat!

With that in mind, Our Better Planet has created convenient little gift hampers for you and your loved ones. With the tempting online discounts, it is easy to forget the impact of our purchases around this time of the year. As always, OBP believes in mindful consumerism. These carefully selected products are beautiful and put together to give you a positive environmental, economic and social impact.

These hampers hold some of the best ecofriendly products. The selection of Health & Wellness Products, Home Decor, Gifts and Crafted Accessories are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. So, if you want to try out gifts that are sure to be a hit, let us show you what we have!

Diwali Hamper #1


This hamper brings you a beautiful wooden tray, a gorgeous table runner, a handmade toiletry bag, and a collection of candle holders. Each piece is selected for unparalleled aesthetics! The wooden tray features Pat folk art straight from Bengal. It looks beautiful with the deep blue table runner that is hand embroidered with elegant Kantha work. The bag is made of ecofriendly jute, woven into a herringbone pattern. The terracotta candle holders complete the package. The candlelight plays through the simple design of its holder. The collection of gift items for the festival of lights wouldn’t you agree?

Diwali Hamper #2


This hamper offers 3 gorgeous notebooks, antioxidant face oil, a hand-knotted candle jar, and sweet-scented soap bars. If you know someone who loves a quiet night in, we cannot recommend this hamper enough! The notebooks are hardbound and feature traditional Gond art prints. So, they can scribble away in the candle light. The knotted candle jars bring an easy Pinterest-boho look to a bedside table. Of course, this is after they indulge in a hot shower with the handmade lavender and ylang-ylang soap bars! If that wasn’t enough the turmeric face oil is soothing and rich in antioxidants. We can guarantee that this hamper is one of the most relaxing sets for the people you love!

Diwali Hamper #3


This set brings you a little bit of everything: a gorgeous tray, a knotted candle, a stoneware mug and a jar of tasty trail mix for a sneaky snack. This set is truly incredible for anybody who loves their Sunday morning newspaper time! You instantly thought of someone, didn’t you? The wooden tray features a gorgeous motif inspired by the Hawa Mahal. Offset it with the minimalist stoneware clay mug (with a steaming cup of tea of course!). The knotted candle adds to the ambience while they snack away on a healthy, yet delicious snack full of fibre! It doesn’t get better than this.

These gift hampers by Our Better Planet feature some of our favourite products from the platform. Each product is handmade to bring you sustainable, durable and unique items. Every handcrafted product in India highlights the rich heritage from all over the country. This means, each skilled artisan is paid their due, while your loved ones enjoy the beauty of these pieces. In all honesty, what better way is there to celebrate this festival?

October 13, 2021 — Our Better Planet