Happy Earth Day!

Our doodle art competition is bringing us so much joy, a lot of folks are sharing that this indeed helped initiate conversations within the family, kids were keen to understand what is the significance of "Earth day", families got together, read about how it all started, what initiatives have been taken yet also the amazing steps that various countries and individuals have taken to safeguard our planet!

Its overwhelming to see how much people have contributed towards the bigger cause of saving our planet and have done it without much expectations, it takes a lot of empathy to appreciate that and along with highlighting the areas that need improvement we should try to highlight the amazing work that's already been done, it will have a more inspiring effect on these budding minds.

Earth Day has led to many changes in how we perceive and work with waste, it has made talking about concepts like up cycling, recycling relatable and something that has far reaching benefits. A lot of myths have been simplified, multiple practises are being researched on and there is a newfound sense of awareness and its gets strengthened every year.

OurBetterPlanet aims to be a carrier of this message of positivity, of change, of awareness and of living in the moment and cherishing the moment which can all happen when we live in the present and appreciate our environment and value it. It indeed is an effort and we have to start somewhere, this can be through a change in our daily habits, a change in our consumption or a change in our attitude towards the people whom we interact with.

We bring you a curated list of products that will help you do all the above, these are carefully thought through and mindfully created products and are aimed at helping you get started on your journey. Our list of products for Earth Day is fairly expansive and is curated keeping in mind the kind of impact its usage will create, every time you use any of these products you should feel a sense of pride of supporting the endeavour of "Saving Planet Earth".


Its a humble attempt towards taking simple steps and bringing about big changes. Wish you a very Happy Planet now and forever!

April 22, 2021 — Our Better Planet