Summer holidays are around the corner - the time when kids are out of school, filled with zest and energy! Many of us parents are often looking out for activities that not only keep our children busy during this break, but also utilise skills that the child already has. As adults we need to be a nurturer to our child and create an environment that enables this. Ofcourse, kids in the modern age have instant access to various apps on phones, tablets and other gadgets - however, we all know that the more time your child spends on a gadget or in front of a television, the less creative he/she becomes.

So what can we do to enable an environment for their growth? It is important that we engage ourselves with our kids, plan activities for them and let them connect with their immediate surroundings while doing so. Also, isn’t this a great time for bonding with family over games, and for siblings to do fun activities together? Keeping your child engaged does not mean spending on expensive camps or classes, there are a variety of activities that we can do from home to have them occupied and productive during the holidays.

Here are some activities for kids to help make their summer super fun and also educational - you will surely find activities to keep them occupied and entertained this summer!

DIY Kits

DIY kits provide a fun experience while enhancing your child’s creativity and productivity simultaneously. As they create something of their own, it helps them express themselves and also develop curiosity of the things around them. These kits are great to improve concentration, motor skills, creative and problem-solving ability. It is also therapeutic and has a calming effect which is very important for growing kids for their mental health.

Handmade Wooden Block Print DIY Craft

Dried Press Flower DIY Craft Kit

DIY Colouring Kit for Our Young Architects

Little Canvas Kids White DIY Kit
Winnie the Pooh Apron DIY

Weaving loom Kit

Whether your child is interested in painting, knitting, soap making or any other craft - our exclusive assortment of DIY/activity kits from brands like Potli, Indiegood, Little Canvas will help you choose the right activity based on your kids interest and age!

Brain Boosting Games

Putting the puzzles together, or playing a board game is a fun activity that can be done with friends and family. Puzzles come in varying difficulty which is why they are great for a wide variety of ages. As psychologists have proven, puzzles allow a child to manipulate the world around them, helping improve their cognitive and brain development. The more complex puzzle is, the child will need to work their brain even more to solve it. While solving the puzzle they learn the importance of planning and organising to achieve their goals, which is a skill they need for life.

Froggmag Kids Red & Yellow Puzzle
Puzzles and Memory Games from Froggmag

White Light Elements Kids MultiColor Board Game
Board Games from White Light Elements and Shriji Crafts

Puzzles and Board games help increase a child's attention span, and must be played without interruptions. These games not only enhance a child's brain but are also inexpensive, and a great way for digital detox. These games keep their minds engaged in a healthy source of entertainment, and may encourage them to pursue other challenges and boost confidence to take up tasks on their own. So, all the members playing need to commit to seeing the game through to the end and keep your phones away!

Fun with Flashcards

Visual Simulation cards are a fantastic way to teach your little ones about the world around them, and these cards encourage observational and scientific ability as well.

Early buds has a wide range of flashcards for toddlers and early age groups to help them learn a variety of essential Pre-K topics, including colours, numbers, the alphabet, animals etc. You can spend some time with your younger sibling and help enhance their awareness using these fun cards.

EARLYBUDS Kids MultiColor Others

Books -your best companion!

Reading is an activity that we need to encourage children to take up as it not only improves their ability to read, but also helps them learn all year long. As you encourage them to discover the joy of reading, kids will get a better understanding of language and the world around them - this way they gain skills through the summer to start the new school year.

There are many activities for kids to do with books. Ask them to list all the books by your favourite author, and challenge them to see how many books they can read this summer. You can also ask them to recite the summaries to others - this will push them to read as much as possible. They can also swap books with a friend, and keep sharing books throughout summer. The more kids get into the habit of reading, the more they’ll want to - and it sure is not something we would ever complain of!

Tulika Publishers Kids MultiColor Early learning
Collection of Books by Tulika Publishers

Whatever theme you may be looking for, whether it is kindness, friendship, empathy, gender equality - we have a treasure trove of themed children's books for you to pick from publishers like Plum Tales, Karaditales, Tulika books etc.

Visit OurBetterplanet to find more games, crafts , parent–child/sibling activities, and fun resources for this summer. While catering to the needs of various age groups, we are committed to bringing you a careful curation of 100% plastic-free and planet friendly craft kits to spark creativity and care.

Remember, apart from crafts and indoor games, you’ll want to schedule some fun summer activities and experiences that will get the kids outside. Visit a Museum, spend time and play games time in a park or a beach, visit a zoo - there are plenty of things to make the summer a holistic learning experience and ofcourse, filled with fun!

May 11, 2022 — Our Better Planet