What gift we give to the people we love speaks volumes about what they mean to us and how much we treasure their presence in our life.

Every time we’re shopping for someone, our goal is to make sure we give them something that is meaningful and that they can get a lot of use out of.

With sustainable gifting, we go one step ahead, and make sure that our gift isn’t just meaningful and valuable to the giver and receiver, but also to this planet that we live on.

If like most of us, you also have a hard time trying to figure out what to gift HIM or HER, and are looking for a sustainable conscious option,

We’re listing down our top 5 his and hers products that make for beautiful gifts,


  1. Clothes!!!
Patrah Men White Shirt

We know that clothes make for one of the most common gifts, but let’s face it, people love receiving new clothes. A beautiful staple addition to the wardrobe can make anyone’s day.

However the wastage and landfills that mass produced apparel brands create is no joke. Be mindful of what you store in your closet and pick from the variety of conscious /eco friendly clothing available for men at OurBetterPlanet

  1. Organisers

If your BAE is a tiny bit OCD, this is perfect for him.

If he loves having all his belongings perfectly stored and laid out, why invest in new cabinets, pricey storage boxes, etc. Order organiser made with natural products that are a 100% Sustainable at OBP

  1. Accessories
Froggmag Fashion Jewellery Blue Cufflinks

OurBetterPlanet has a wide range of accessories for men including Cufflinks, Wallets, backpacks, jewellery and so much more.

  1. Skincare

The general notion of men not being allowed to pamper themselves or take care of their well-being is incorrect. It’s just as necessary for a man to unwind and relax as it is for a woman. OBP houses organic skincare products that make him feel confident and fresh. Shop his stash today on our website

  1. Lifestyle

Sustainable living is a lifestyle, and if you’re looking to have a better future ahead of you with your loved ones, it’s about time we start stepping towards a more conscious mindful lifestyle, introduce him to a sustainable lifestyle with products from OBP


  1. Apparel
NIRAA Women Grey Pant

Sustainable clothing brands are a testament to the reality that the planet does not have to suffer for your love of clothing

Shop organic, ethically sourced & consciously produced clothing at OurBetterPlanet

  1. Jewellery
BAKA Fashion Jewellery Silver Necklace

Although a lot of jewellery available on OurBetterPlanet is gender fluid and loved by men and women alike, there’s no denying women love jewellery and that makes for a perfect gift for them. All the jewellery available on OBP Is ethically sourced and created by master artisans in fair working conditions. It’s a double win.

  1. Personal care

Add more substance to her me time, with a gift curated to pamper her.

Women love their me time and adding to it will just put you on their favourites list.

Grab a bunch of assorted personal care/ skin care items from OurBetterPlanet and surprise her!

  1. Home & Living

This category is in our HER list but we think depending on the person you’re picking a gift for, our home and living products would be appreciated equally by him and her.

Shop products like dinnerware, cutlery, furnishing, etc on OBP

  1. Bags
XANDER Bag Dusty Pink Sling

We’d like to reinstate that our love for fashion and accessories does not have to hurt the planet. Mass produced bags, leather bags, etc all end up in landfills and cause considerable damage to the ecosystem even during production.

Switch to a more conscious approach while still staying chic and classy!

Shop aesthetic & ethical bags at OurBetterPlanet

Gift HIM & HIM something they will love and cherish for a long time. But the best gift you’re giving them is a cleaner, greener and healthier future by choosing mindfully and buying conscious 💚

January 19, 2022 — Our Better Planet