Working from home is not a new concept, but its challenges still took many of us by surprise. It now seems like the whole work from home world is here to stay.

Most of us already have a home workstation set up. If you work at your dining table, your bed or a corner of your balcony, it may be time to consider investing in a more long term setup.

Having a designated workstation goes a long way in improving your productivity without compromising your mental well being. It can put you in the “need to work” headspace during work hours, and give you the freedom to disengage at the end of the day.

Making sure you are comfortable in your workspace is very important. After all, you will be spending at least a few hours there. So, if you’re looking for new work from home workstation ideas, here are 3 ecofriendly brands that can change the look of your space.


Lighting is the first step towards creating a good work environment. It affects your ability to focus keeps your eyes from working too hard. Having the right lighting goes a long way in affecting your productivity.

Whether you choose to have a table lamp or a lamp hanging over your desk, we recommend Light – Fish. With a big collection of, sustainable lamps and light fixtures, this brand can give your workstation a chic new look.

These lamps are made from natural acacia hardwood and recyclable aluminium. The wood comes from the Kamataru forest in Auroville, and only taken from naturally fallen trees.

Sustainability is also a huge part of the manufacturing process. Each lamp is painstakingly handmade by a craftsperson. The wood is sanded and polished to bring out the beautiful textures and grains of the natural wood. The closed-loop manufacturing process makes sure there is no wastage of any kind. This is as low as your carbon footprint can go!

So, give your workspace a treat. Pick a lamp, install an LED bulb and watch your space transform!


Every workstation needs a touch of comfort. Soft fabrics with bright colours can boost the mood of a space. Where do you need this more than a drab workspace?

Sadhna is a women-powered brand that brings you a collection of gorgeous cushions. Not only are they comfortable cotton, but they are also made from upcycled fabric. A patchwork of discarded fabric is sewn together to bring you unique handmade home décor items.

Design plays a huge role in Sadhna’s creative process. If you’re a fan of traditional craftmanship, here you are! These cushions are detailed with traditional Tanka Hand embroidery. Simple and chic, this running stitch brings you versatile patterns and prints, that offset the natural hues of the fabric. Talk about a pop of colour!

On another note, this is a fair trade home décor brand. Sadhna is powered by women from rural, tribal and urban slum areas of Rajasthan. The women not only create the product, but have part ownership of the organization. Every purchase you make goes directly to these artisans.

A boost for your work life and theirs wouldn’t you agree?

Agro Composites

Creating a happy space is important to keep your mood and energy levels up. Your workstation should be your own, don’t you think? So, personalise it! Add knick-knacks that bring you joy and keep you feeling buoyant through the work hours. A great way to organize your clutter is getting a décor tray. And we have just the brand for you!

Agro Composites has a range of tableware that is made from pine needles from the Himalayas. Yes, you heard it right, pine needles. Mixed with natural resin, these products are completely eco-friendly.

Every year, the pine trees on the slopes of the Himalayas discard their needles. These needles on the forest floor are a massive fire hazard that threatens the flora and fauna of the area. It also messes with the groundwater and pH levels of the soil.

These products were the solution. Agro Composites works with the local tribes of the region to bring you these unique, upscaled products. With each purchase, you’re giving your workspace an eco-friendly boost and reversing your carbon footprint.

These products are also food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher friendly. So if you also need a new mug for all that coffee, we won't judge! We’ll let you in on a little secret too. Every time you wash one of these products, it leaves behind a soft lingering smell of pine. If that’s up your alley, this is the brand for you.

Your work from home workstation setup should be a joyful, comfortable place. Complete the space with candles, incense sticks and loads of plants to give yourself the mood booster you need. Check out the ecofriendly range that we have for you on OurBetterPlanet.

After all, a happy space makes a happy worker!

June 26, 2021 — Our Better Planet