On the occasion of Diwali, let’s talk about positive changes around the world to celebrate the good instead of listing out all things that are wrong with the society or the aftermath of pollution that Diwali will leave in its wake.

Remember, good things only.

  1. Fishermen getting paid to collect plastic from the seas

As an attempt by the Ministry of Fishery in Indonesia to control the trash in the sea and increase awareness on the issue, they have started to pay fishermen to fish and collect plastic waste from the seas. Alongside, Indonesia has also set aside a spending goal of $1 billion over the next 3 years to reduce plastic entering the oceans from their shores by 70%.

Plastic pollution in Indonesia
  1. World’s first electric seaglider ready for production

Designed for sustainable maritime travel, the first ever fully-electric hybrid high-speed yacht-seaplane vehicle by REGENT has completed successful flight tests and is ready now for production. The future is here, as their test was of a 1/4 scale model, but now they are onto developing the full-scale prototype with a 65-feet wingspan to start testing flights with passengers in 2024.

  1. Magnolia tree rediscovered in Haiti after 97 years

97 years later, a beacon of hope was rediscovered in Haiti after they found a tree that has been believed to be lost to mankind for almost a century, the Magnolia tree. Despite the bleak state of the country’s degraded forests, it’s reassuring to see it still harbours rare species of biodiversity that are found nowhere else in the world. What can only be hoped for is that they do everything to preserve their habitat and natural biodiversity that thrives in their country.

  1. India deploys super-sniffer dogs to protect Cheetahs from poachers

Declared extinct in India due to over-hunting in 1952, in September as an attempt to bring back this extinct species, 8 cheetahs were released in the wild in Kuno National Park. As an attempt to ensure, there is no hunting or poaching, sniffer dogs and guard dogs are trained to patrol the grounds surrounding the forest for any illegal activities.

  1. Australia sets aside 30% of Land Mass to protect its species

Australia, being one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth, have taken an oath this year to conserve and protect their species by prioritising 110 species and 20 places that have been threatened to extinction or nature’s harbours have been severely damaged by human activities.

  1. A Scottish Nightclub is now powered by the heat from the dancers

Ingenious attempt by a Scottish Nightclub, SWG3 where they have a dancefloor that absorbs body heat from the dancers and converts it to thermal energy, between 250 and 600 watts depending on how intense the music is making it a venue that relies on Thermal Energy and not electricity.

On the day of Diwali, let's focus on all the good things and get on a path to be mindful of our carbon footprints because if we don't take our planet, then who will?

Have a safe and green Diwali!

October 24, 2022 — Shopify API