As we all get older, we appreciate our Moms more than ever. This is especially true if you’re a parent. Most of us have to be asking ourselves, “How did she ever put up with me?”

But there is another Mother we should remember on Mother’s Day: Mother Earth. Why not honor both? They both play vital roles in your life. My mom contributed heavily to my love of nature along with my appreciation for art. I love the outdoors as a result and all things crafty!

My mom and my daughter!

My choices in life keep distinctly taking me back to those times when she advised me about something and I decided to do otherwise, I still learn from those mistakes and cherish them also. These make up for all the experiences that we have either together or within our families.

To be able to demonstrate emotion hasn't been a great quality that I possess and hence this Mothers day I pledge to be more expressive and let my loved ones know about it also. Along with my mother I also would love to show my love and appreciation for the Mother Earth, which definitely doesn't need us but we need her, we need her to be healthy for us to have a better lifestyle and for us to also be able to leave a better one for our future generations.

I will pass on these sensibilities to my daughter and help her develop an innate appreciation for both her Mothers also, for now am off to checking on our Broccoli and Celery seeds that we planted very recently together!

May 09, 2021 — Our Better Planet