Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Empowering women and promoting gender equality is crucial to accelerating sustainable development. Equality = Equal Opportunities, we are often made aware of the biases that lead to gender inequality, for very long now women have been considered to be homemakers and hence the ones who decide to step out have to significantly multitask. This often leads to women not being able to excel at their professional careers and mostly settling down for mid management level roles, off course there are a FEW who break all barriers and reach to the pinnacle. This definitely leads to a one sided view on many policy matters that have to be weighed in by both the genders either at an organisation level or the national level, most of these policies are significant from the sustainable development point of view, thus creating an imbalance.

For the wellbeing of our eco system the views and opinions of women who are most connected to it should be given highest priority which is never the case, in most rural areas even where women are the prime bread winners there ideas and opinions are often ignored. Girls and women are treated differently from boys and men, most girls have to give up on schooling because parents cannot afford the fees for both their son and daughter, eventually making the daughter drop out of school as her future roles are considered to be limited to household chores.

As a group, women – and their potential contributions to economic advances, social progress and environmental protection – have been marginalised. Better use of the world’s female population could increase economic growth, reduce poverty, enhance societal well-being, and help ensure sustainable development in all countries.

The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist, nor to any one organization, but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights. So make International Women's Day your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women. We have curated a list of thoughtful gifts to mark this day, they are developed by women owned businesses and are curated by a women led team at OBP.

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February 16, 2022 — Our Better Planet