Home is where we all spend most of our time. Especially in the last couple of years, our homes have become our own tiny little worlds. Each cushion, throw or rug holds a memory. Surely, you'll agree when we say that home décor is a reflection of who we are.

In recent years, many of us have become conscious of the products we buy and their impact on the environment. Why should your home be any different? As the interior design world is embracing sustainability in décor, many Indian brands have come up with innovative eco friendly products to spruce up your home. Traditional handicrafts, upcycled designs, versatility and reusability are in, and we’re here for it!

So, if you’re looking for eco friendly home décor ideas, here are three brands you need to try out!

Afghan Artisans

Inspired by Afghan Artisans, this brand has a rustic charm to any modern interior. Afghan Heritage is based in Bhadohi and employs local women. Their designs reflect the minimalism and rural life of the artisans. The goal is to empower rural women, nurture designing skills, and give you high-quality, sustainable décor.

Each piece by this brand is lovingly handwoven from high-quality natural fibres. If you want to give your home a cosy new look, try one of the handmade jute rugs. Jute is a fast-growing plant that is steadily gaining popularity in the textile world. It is the perfect addition to that classy, farmhouse-chic look. If still need a splash of colour, Afghan Heritage also has a selection of bright, eclectic cushion covers. It’s the perfect, eco-friendly touch to complete the look.


For fans of the Pinterest-famous Cottagecore aesthetic, here are some environment-friendly home décor items. Each product by Reimagined is made from upcycled scraps. Give your home a new look, knowing that you're also helping combat the world’s garbage crisis.

Some of the most popular products by Reimagined are the Durries. Exclusively employing women artisans, each durrie is made by weaving together saree scraps. Use it as a throw or a blanket, these durries are all unique and versatile. Four to seven sarees are given a new life with each durrie! Pair it with their upcycled table runners and watch your space transform.

This brand also gives you the most adorable footstools. The fabric in the upholstery is the same as the durries, and the stool itself is made of recycled wood. It even uses scrap foam for filling.

To add finishing touches try out their rubber planters. What is a Cottage Core interior without plants right? These planters add just the right amount of vibrant colours! They are made from recycled tyres with a soft felt, inner lining. So if you’ve accidentally (not really) bought too many plants this year, this may be the brand for you.


With the Japandi Design taking the interior world by storm, we have something a little closer to home. Rhizome gives you the perfect combination of sustainability and design. Each piece is carefully crafted for social, ecological and economic sustainability. The brand is women-centric and uses natural materials to bring you high-end products. It captures the essence of minimalism in the Japandi look, with some truly breathtaking designs.

If you're looking for an accent piece, look no further than the gorgeous Fan Stool. Made from eco friendly bamboo wood, the top is painstakingly hand-laminated to bring you a truly stunning design. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, making this wood renewable and sustainable. With a surprising twist, this stool is also modular. You can interlock multiple stools to create a unique console piece. It is multifunctional and space-saving, perfect for small, modern homes.

For fans of Hans Wegner chair designs, Rhizome’s Wishbone Chair is the perfect buy. Also made from bamboo wood, the chair features a woven seat in a classic Danish pattern. If this isn’t eco friendly Japandi, what is?

Home décor is a huge part of our daily life. We believe these brands can help you create a happy eco-friendly home. Reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your sustainable lifestyle without compromising on style. Not only are these brands environmentally conscious, but they also believe in uplifting their workers and artisans, especially women. With every purchase, you are directly touching someone’s life. Ready to start shopping?

June 05, 2021 — Our Better Planet