OurBetterPlanet is the brainchild of the simple need for better products, more clarity about supply chain, understanding of the impact these products create, some details that aren't as clearly stated with our usual buys. Also all this happened because we decided to become slightly more aware and responsive to the major changes happening around us.

Another simple question is that why do we celebrate or assign a day to something as critical as Reforestation, it should be a conscious effort always. The reason for that is again simple, these celebratory days bring communities together and enable them to take a pledge to work in unity to create a significant impact. It's always a stronger message when it's sent out by a bigger group and accompanied by relevant action.

5th June is the World Environment day that OurBetterPlanet takes pride in celebrating with its community of partners and Customers, we have worked diligently with our partners to curate a list of products that can get you started on your sustainability journey. Just remember to seek help if we have missed out on being as transparent as we intended to, your questions about products and our partners are always welcome and help us grow!

To support planting of tress we have initiated a Giveaway of a healthy jade plant in a handcrafted ceramic pot with any order that comes on the website (above a value of INR 1500/ in the month of June 2021). These planters are courtesy another sustainable business called PlantMojo, their support means a lot to us!

Here is a glimpse into our Curated list!

Women Black & White Kaftan by KARA VENTURES

Kara weaves stands for everything they love about handmade products and the people who make them. Each product is made from very ancient local fabrics that are hand-made at traditional wooden looms, they aim to bridge the gap between traditional weaving art form and a contemporary lifestyle.

This Bold black and white check pattern kaftan with a tie-back edged is a masterpiece made of 100% Handwoven cotton, making it highly absorbent and dries quickly. You also get the option of pockets as well.

Jamdani Stoles by RIMAGINED

Reimagined is paving a way for a sustainable lifestyle with their upcycling methods, they aim to provide an upcycled alternative that every consumer might need for everyday consumption, their weaving technique is complex which originated 2000 years ago and thus their textures are stunning.

This Fine Muslin cloth stole is decorated with motifs from upcycled lurex and jute

Upcycled Handwoven Duffle bag by ReCharkha

Recharkha focuses on resolving waste management issues, especially that of the nonbiodegradable and difficult to recycle waste plastic. Their initiative of UPCYCLING waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabric uses the traditional Indian Charkha and Handloom.

This upcycled handwoven duffle bag can be used for your everyday fitness goals or weekend getaways, This weatherproof bag is made from waste plastic from the outside and has an unbleached cotton fabric lining on the inside. 2 zippered side pockets, 1 small zipper pocket make it very spacious.

Kids Farm animal Activity Kit by CHAYANISARGA

Chayanisarga manufactures and promotes board games, wooden puzzles, educational toys, lamps, and artifacts for interior décor. Chaya Nisarga's toys and games are handmade and painted by hand. Since their establishment in the year 2000, they have focused on working with self-help groups. They support them in design, development, raw material procurement, brand extensions, developing the right product mix, and marketing.
These 11 Farm Animals come in a cotton pouch, it aids in modern teaching and triggers the imagination along with the cognitive growth

Multicolor Stool by RIMAGINED

These adorable footstools are created as a compilation of multiple materials upcycling, each of the three main components used to make this stool upcycled; the wood, upholstery, and the filling!
The wood is upcycled from wood scrap collected from huge furniture factories that have tons of wood wastage.

The upholstery is created using old sarees, torn into strips, and woven into beautiful durries, those are then cut and stitched onto the stool. The inside is filled with scrap foam with a full piece of foam as a top layer. They are as comfortable as they are adorable, perfectly blending into your surroundings and still stand out and are the best way to your feet up on and relax.
The dimensions are 16″*11″*8″.

Multicolour Reusable Sanitary Pad Kit by ECO FEMME

Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010, their goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalizing menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive, and empowering.

They produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education, and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.
It is a great option for those considering making the switch and can be the perfect gift to gently welcome someone to the world of sustainable menstruation. It contains 4 pieces: 1 Pantyliner with PUL, 1 Day Pad, 1 Day Pad Plus, 1 Night Pad.

Handwoven Multicolour Chair by RHIZOME

Rhizome believes that sustainability needs to be looked at holistically and across disciplines to actually begin to be mainstreamed. This is why they work at the intersection of craft, design, and sustainability, and go beyond eco-design to looking at sustainability holistically

This collection is our take on 3D textile art. We've woven each piece in this collection differently using a rope made from silk.


4-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set 3D Puzzles for Teens and Adults - Soma Cube/Interlocking Block/Snake Cube/Brain Teaser Game for Kids and Adult Children. Challenging fun, this set includes a total of four 3D puzzles such as diagonal burr, soma cube, snake cube, and interlocking blocks.So easy to store wooden storage box with a glass lid is included to keep the puzzles separated and organized.

Grooming Kit by TORA CREATIONS

Tora Creations objective is to bridge the gap between the craftsmen community and buyers by solving the problem of employment generation among the craftsmen community

The steelhead gives you a close and clean shave. The Shaver holder handle is made out of bamboo wood. Its handle is so designed to keep it light and easy for you to glide on your skin – especially in tricky areas, the Blades are replaceable. The Fibres of Charcoal brush keeps your gums healthy, With a conveniently ergonomic handle made from 100% natural neem wood, and with naturally teeth-whitening charcoal-infused bristles. Hand-made Neem Wood Tongue cleaner that gives you the advantages of Ayurveda Herb-Neem. With medicinal properties, our tongue scratcher encourages you clean every edge of the tongue eliminating microbes and germs. Plastic-free and biodegradable tongue scratcher getting medical advantages for you and wellbeing for the climate.

Magazine Holder by ODESH CRAFTS

Organization for Development of Economic and Self help(ODESH)has been working towards livelihood enhancement of the poor and helpless groups for inclusive growth with a focus to take part and contribute in the national efforts of eliminating poverty and reduce unemployment.
This product is made from locally named "Kouna" a natural fiber grass that is soft, flexible, spongy, bio-degradable. Kouna grass handicrafts have a special appeal in look, feel, and efficiency. These hand-woven grass handicrafts are 100% bio-degradable and cause no harm to the environment.

Playing Dough by DOH DOUGH

BIO-DOHDOUGH is made from Plant EXTRACTS and is lab-tested and certified taste-safe. It comes in a set of 6 colors of 200gms of playdough balls each. DOH-DOUGH has immense benefits as it works on fine & gross motor skills, works on sensory stimulations (smell, touch, and visual), vocabulary and pronunciation, organizing spatial orientation, and logical thinking. Plant extract made Bio-Dohdough is lab-tested and certified taste-safe. The ingredients used are 100% organic and responsibly sourced for the utmost care of our kids who will spend hours together playing with it.

Menstrual Cup by SHECUP

SHECUP's work is Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and their educational programs are for girls/women both in the Rural & Urban sector
Shecup L (Longer stem for better grip) is a soft menstrual cup made of High-Quality Health Grade Silicone. It is perfectly designed to suit women's bodies at different Menstruating ages, both high and low cervix compatible, and can be used pre/post maternity (including C section). The longer stem is for better grip and is recommended for beginners. Shecup L is certified by the US Pharmacopeia and is recommended by Senior Gynaecologists.

Biodegradable Diapers by BHOOMI & CO

Providing Bamboo diapers that are safe on the babies' skin as they are made out of entirely bamboo material is much softer and easily absorbent with a line indicator. The no chemical & natural Bamboo diapers used ensure the baby skin and health are not affected
and comfortable to wear for the baby.

Chemical Free Diapers for 6kgs to 10kgs kids- Contains no chlorine, no alcohol, no perfumes, no dyes, no latex, no phthalates. Odour-resistant and contains a high-quality superabsorbent material to lock moisture away and keep the surfaces dry. Triple strength side tabs, soft feel frontal tape, and leak guards allow a perfect fit to prevent leakages. Also has a natural aloe liner and safe glue wetness indicator. Contains perforated bamboo fiber which allows fresh air to circulate and wicks moisture away quickly, making it silky against the baby's skin. Reduces the risk of diaper rash and other skin problems especially for babies with eczema and other skin allergies.

Grow Pot by reCharkha

Breathe better by placing reCharkha’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Indoor Grow pots! You can directly put soil inside these grow pots, and plant saplings. Alternatively, you can even use them as cute little organizers for toys, stationery, or toiletries in your room or bathroom. These UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Grow pots are water-friendly and will add that quirky touch to your decor, with all the fun colors to choose from!
reCharkha’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN fabric is made from waste plastic on the outside, waste flex banners on the inside and has a small hole at the bottom for extra water to seep out.

May 31, 2021 — Our Better Planet