It’s that time of the year again! With the diwali season fast approaching, we know you are looking for new looks, for you and your home. We admit it, Diwali shopping is an Indian staple.

So, in that spirit, we have come to you with some of the best ecofriendly products, gifts, home decor and sustainable fashion for the season. Our recommendations are natural, sustainable and handcrafted products made in India.

Stock Up Your Wardrobe!

Incredible Ethnic Designs by Sonal Kabra

Bright, colourful, and oozing desi style: these gorgeous designs by Sonal Kabra are a must-have for the season. These outfits are made from sustainable, natural fabrics and show off traditional indian prints and patterns. If you’re looking for sustainable ethnic wear, we highly recommend these.

Pretty in Pastels with Vintage Loom

If you prefer a desi look that is more muted, here is a treasure trove. Vintage Loom brings elegant silhouettes in soft pastels that are great for the occasion. These beautiful pieces are handmade from different natural fabrics that are full of subtle details. An incredible and sustainable look for sure!

Bold and Beautiful with Itiee Kritee

From sarees to dupattas, Itiee Kritee doesn’t shy from the dramatic! The deep, dark shades, accented with patterns and prints are sure to be a statement piece in your wardrobe. These pieces are entirely sustainable, with natural fabrics and handcrafted goodness. If you want to bring your A-game, this is a top choice!

Easy Style with Bihart

Gentlemen! If you’re looking for stylish and sustainable clothes for diwali, we think you should check this out. Natural sustainable fabric, zero waste production and hand crafted, these gorgeous kurtas are your best bet. Bihart has a variety of colours, fabrics and prints to choose from.

Desi Designs for Kids with Khela

Not to be outdone, your little ones can also show off their gorgeous desi wear with Khela. With comfort being as important as fun designs, these outfits are also handmade from natural, breathable fabrics. The detailing is also hand embroidered using traditional Indian techniques and art styles.

Level Up Your Selfcare Routine!

Try natural Skin and Haircare with Do Bandar

Soaps, scrubs, hairoils, skin butters, you name it, they have it! Do Bandar has an incredible range of selfcare products that are entirely made of natural ingredients. These products are made with traditional Indian ingredients that can do wonders to your skin and hair! Weather you are gearing up for a diwali party or looking for gift ideas, these products are a definite must-have.

Glam Up Your Home!

A home for your lights with Bidriwala

Each handcrafted with traditional techniques, these gorgeous tealight holders add a casual elegance to your diya decor. The traditional Indian handicraft of “Phooljhadi” makes this piece a sustainable and beautiful decor item. Simply place a tealight and add it to your rangoli design!

Accents of Art with Ba No Batwo

Sometimes all you need is new artwork to bring your living room to life! If you’re hosting this diwali, we highly recommend these gorgeous folk paintings by Be No Batwo. Made on natural bases, these paintings showcase traditional Indian artwork. The paintings are handmade by traditional artists then digitally reprinting on canvas. Each piece is unique and undoubtedly beautiful!

Scent it Right with Esscent

No diwali decor can be complete without the right incense. With a variety of incense cones and sticks, Esscent is your best bet. These pieces are made from toxin free ingredients and dipped in natural essential oils. Each one is handmade by rural women and disabled employees. Esscent has a range of scents you can choose from. Just picks the one that suits your style.

While shopping online, ecofriendly products can be hard to find. We hope this list helps make your diwali shopping easier and more sustainable. Happy shopping!

October 06, 2021 — Our Better Planet