We often talk about the adverse effects of our actions on the environment and our future but today, we’re here to only spread some happiness and good news. Here are some developments and changes from around the globe that will simply fill us with joy.

  1. Parts of the Great Barrier Reef Show Highest Coral Cover in 36 Years

The northern and central Great Barrier Reef have recorded their highest amount of coral cover since the Australian Institute of Marine Science began monitoring it 36 years ago.

The Great Barrier has recorded its highest amount of coral cover in 36 years. The Annual Summary Report on Coral Reef Condition for 2021/22 shows an increase of 7-9 percent in several areas which might not look like a lot but it surely is a start.

  1. Tigers in Nepal Come Back From Brink of Extinction

This year, on Tiger’s Day, Nepal had some brilliant news to share with the world. Their wild tiger population which was at the brink of extinction is now thriving with a 40% increase in population from 2015.

This was primarily possible because of their initiative in protecting key tiger reserves and habitats, their partnerships with local communities to preserve their corridors and cracking down on poaching and illegal trade.

  1. A startup is using recycled plastics to 3D print homes in LA

Azure is using recycled plastic water and drink bottles to create prefabricated homes. By blending their cutting edge technology with the manufacturing speed of 3D-printing and the assembly speed with the endless possibilities prefabrication gives you, Azure today is making homes that are a game changer for sustainability in the housing industry.

  1. Farmer in France thrives by growing Gluten free Sorghum during droughts

Sorghum requires no irrigation or pesticides, and needs only a third of the fertiliser to regular crops. Currently due to record temperatures in France, farming has become extremely difficult. While all the other grain fields are withering and baking under the heat, Sorghum is thriving in these harsh conditions as well.

  1. Dog helps eradicate rodents and rats making the island habitable again for Penguins

A UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, Macquarie Island has been saved from a rabbit and rat rampage when Melissa Houghton was brought ashore as a dog handler with her black lab “Wags” as part of the island clean up. Years later, the island has finally started to look its former self.

Let's begin this week on a good note and manifest the same positivity in our day to day activities.

August 29, 2022 — Shopify API