Conscious Souk Edition 2

Conscious Souk is an opportunity for like minded people to come together, for collaborations to evolve and for new ideas to be born! OurBetterPlanet's second Pop-up “Conscious Souk-Bangalore” is a venture that turned into a reality with 35 sustainable brands coming together at the Bangalore International Centre, on the 26th and 27th of March 2022.

Eira - Luxury Candles

Planning this event was an exhilarating experience, engaging with brands that are extremely passionate about the impact their products create and the way they communicate their story was extremely inspiring, OurBetterPlanet brought together various category of products under one roof and succeeded tremendously in giving consumers a taste of the e-commerce marketplace.

Indianyards - macrame

For conscious shoppers there is nothing better than getting to shop from a wide variety of sustainable stores, and getting to meet new brands that are helping consumers shift towards a mindful lifestyle. Walking through the grounds of BIC, one was surrounded by talented fashion and lifestyle curators, sustainable designers, artists, advocates of zero waste lifestyle, businesses that solve various environmental issues, conscious food options and healthier alternatives - it was a coming together of individuals and ideologies that keep planet before profits! “Conscious Souk” was a chance to meet these change makers, and understand how together, we can create an ecosystem for a sustainable future as business owners and consumers.

NoupelleStudio - leather offcuts jewellery

Needless to say, this event was about communicating what OurBetterPlanet strives through their initiative to “#MoveForwardTogether” as they urge partners to collectively do their bit and support one another towards building a better tomorrow. The impetus of Conscious souk - that sustainability is a core value of OurBetterPlanet, was indeed reflected in the thoughtful curation of brands.

Macrame by Indianyards

The event was successful in attracting the right audience who are on the lookout for clean and mindfully created products, it also was tremendously successful in helping its partners evaluate partnerships with each other along with some corporate engagements.

OurBetterPlanet Corporate gifting hampers

To sum it up Conscious Souk was a step towards making the process of adopting a sustainable life an easy initiative and it indeed succeeded at doing that!

April 07, 2022 — Our Better Planet