Picking up habits that you can consistently follow and they start showing positive results in the long run is what is sustainability to me. Adopting a lifestyle that is unarguably mindful is not easy and can be carried out in smaller steps only. Taking your family along on this journey can be an interesting add on and can help with making the process fun!

The question is how do we do it without really making it look like chores, for starters conversations around smaller ways of contributing should be encouraged, ensuring mindful consumption of natural resources like water and electricity should be a daily activity. We can make it fun by assigning points to people who remember to turn off lights and fans while moving out of a room and these can accumulate over time and can be encashed as favours :)

The internet is flooded with documentaries and online series that provide a lot of insight into the significance our actions have, it is important to be aware and sit and watch it as a family, the negatives should always be supported with the positives, by demonstrating the amazing work that a lot of activists and businesses are doing in the right direction. Too much of negative talk generally tends to put people off so lets refrain from that!

The lockdown has definitely given us ample opportunity to spend time with family, to be around the loved ones and get to know what are the activities that we can indulge in together based on individual interests. Working on a small kitchen garden together, plucking the produce together and then assembling it into a salad or adding it to main dishes is a joy that is unmatched, it will definitely give the kids/teens a sense of pride and growing these without pesticides can help them learn many important lessons.

Being conscious about what you eat is a major step towards sustainability, the idea is to introduce the upcoming generation to all possibilities and to also share pros and cons of each, the carbon footprint of livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming and talking about it should be encouraged.

Grocery runs should be a family activity also wherein the importance of shopping for what's required should be stressed upon, talking about the usage of single use plastic becomes much easier when you see marketplaces flooded with pet bottles, straws, wipes, cling wraps, tissues and disposables!

Concepts like recycling and waste segregation can be broken down into simple actionable steps for kids to follow through, its always better to demonstrate through practise than preaching! Creating a compost bin is usually made exciting by the worms that thrive on it. Experiencing the lifestyle of a living being is always a great learning and a big lesson in sustainability by itself.

Start with what works for you from the list above and do keep us informed about how the process evolved for you, Ourbetterplanet is always all ears for people who want to change gears and move towards creating a positive impact! Please do follow us for more stories about going at it with the entire family!

Pallavi Srivastava
CEO, Ourbetterplanet.com

April 12, 2021 — Our Better Planet