We at OurBetterPlanet wouldn't want to miss an opportunity that enables us to suggest a more mindful option for gifting this mothers day! Mothers are mostly the path creator in an individuals life, they are the ones who pass on the baton of information which leads to shaping us into the different beings we end up as. Its a responsible job and one wherein a lot of love and energy is spent, Mothers day is a celebration of this act of heroism where you put your child ahead of you, you create a world that's suitable for not one but two and you strive to make this world a better place every day!

A lot of love and dedication goes into the making of a fine individual and if given an opportunity to show appreciation for the same we should do so by making informed choices. We at OurBetterPlanet have curated a list of products that will make your mother happy as well as proud this Mothers Day. These are conscious choices that benefit the environment, support the people who worked to create it and hence leading to a powerful and positive impact!

Here are a few combinations that are thoughtfully curated by our team and should help you get started on your sustainable journey if you haven't yet thought about it, also their are some options for the conscious moms, we really hope these help you make some informed choices:

Expectant Mom: Undoubtedly this is the most exciting and challenging phase of motherhood, there are way too many questions and way too many suggestions, its not easy to stay sane and move on, we are suggesting two products here which will let you breathe and feel free at the same time.

Green and Turquoise Top: This dual-patterned nursing scarf transitions effortlessly from a fashion accessory to a cover to easily nurse your baby in public. The neckline is wide enough to see the baby while you nurse, as well as comfortably wrap around your neck as a scarf when you’re done.

Black and Off White Kaftan: This Charcoal Varkala Kaftan has an off-white edge with black stripes all along the sides and sleeves, hand-fridged edges and a drawstring waist. Easy to carry when every day is different and the eco friendly fabric makes it immensely breathable.

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Yogi Mom: Yoga is a great way to maintain a balance in life and acts like a medium for total relaxation, regular practise helps reduce stress and goes a long way in building immunity. The merits of practising yoga consistently are now being recognised and anybody from an expectant mom to a mom who is taxed with work from home responsibilities can gain immensely from a regular practise. To facilitate a mindful practise here are our suggestions:

Yoga Pants: Kosha Yoga & Co. Yoga pants are made from ocean waste that has been recycled into a buttRy soft, luxurious, high-performance fabric. They are ethically and mindfully curated for the yogi mom.

Couture Yoga mats: These are made from Eco-PU surface provides unparalleled grip, even though the sweatiest of practices. 4.5mm Natural Rubber base offers the perfect balance of cushioning and traction also a longer, wider design gives you more room to stretch and gorgeous prints make our Couture mats beautiful inside out.

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On the go/ Travel Lover Mom: We know the current situation has been a big bummer and travelling out has been a total luxury but this too shall pass and then we will be out and about, this one is for the moms who love to be out and indulge in outdoor activities, especially chill at a beach while making sure that the World is still breathing!

Red and Off White Kaftan: This boat-neck kaftan has elegant red stripes all along the sides and sleeves, hand-fridged edges, and a tonal drawstring waist. Just slide into it after a dip in the ocean and if styled right it can take you from your beach outing to a dinner date with ease!

Pinstripe Bathrobe: Perfect for travel as it folds down very compact, dries very quickly, is lightweight and soft on the skin. Works well as a beach wrap or travel robe too.

Beach Towel: Made of our thorthu fabric in a graphic pattern of orange stripes with a bold colored edge with tassels. Use as a scarf, a wrap, sarong, beach towel, bath towel, picnic mat, yoga mat, and many many more ways :)

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Workaholic Mom: Gifting is a real challenge when it comes to moms who are passionate about their careers and home at the same time, they are aware and conscious of their purchase and are the perfect people for our platform where every product is carefully curated to suit an aware customers needs.

Black Linen mid calf skirt: Tailored to sartorial perfection, our Black Skirt has been crafted from Pure Handloom Linen. Switch up your style when you pair it with different tops and accessories each time to create a bold look from head-to-toe.

Emerald green cotton top: Seasons may change but this emerald green Top will never go out of style. Crafted from Pure Handloom Cotton, this top comes with a round neck and a knife-pleated neckline along with 1 pocket on the front to store all your essentials. Its relaxed and breathable fit allows you to wear it for long stretches of time without any discomfort whatsoever.

Herringboned Jute Laptop Sleeve: Our Unisex Laptop Sleeve is made from Natural Jute fabric and has a sophisticated Herringbone weave, A safe yet stylish travel solution to fit your 15" laptop with perfect ease. Teamed with a streamlined look and Genuine Leather trimmings, the padded casing gives added protection.

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Working from Home Mom: it has bene a challenge balancing an active work life with taking care of chores at home, ailing family members and at the same time taking care of kids education, handling all this is no mean feat, nonetheless our super moms have been handling it with panache, here are a few suggestions to ease the process for them and make their work lives a tad easier:

Lapdesk: Inspired by the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, our lap desk is made of solid birchwood and married with function. Much like its regal namesake, it allows ventilation to keep one's laptop cool. Equipped with a slot for a phone, an outlet for wires and a space for mousepad which doubles up as a perch for treats. Designed to ensure ease and comfort our Hawa Mahal lapdesk lets you work without leaving the couch.

Phone stand: Made of solid birchwood and etched with great detail our pigeon might not be able to fly but can prove to be unique holders for your cell phones - the present icon of instant messaging. Works well when you on incessant work calls and this enables you to multitask!

Business Card Holder: A business card holder inspired by the charbagh mughal gardens. This card holder is made of stained teak wood and fitted with premium fixtures. Easy to carry anywhere, just drop it in your bag and go!

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Chef Mom: They are everybody's favourite and are always found whipping up healthy food options in their sanctuaries called kitchens, to enable them to make better choices we are suggesting the following couple of products, there is a set for moms who are hands on and another one who know how to manage ;)

Soup Bowl with Spoon: Eco Friendly soup bowl made out of Neem Wood, great for a quick and healthy meal.

Cooking spatulas: The set of 6 natural, non-reactive to food Neem Wood cooking spatulas that can help meet all your cooking needs. Can be used on all type of cookware materials and cookware products. 100% Natural, eco-friendly, and safe for cooking.

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Bread Chapati Casserole: Wooden Chapati / Bread Box with Stainless Steel with Smooth and attractive Hand-carved design. Beautiful and traditional art by Indian artists depicted in the most beautiful wooden handicraft product. This Casserole is made of wood and steel and helps you avoid that unnecessary plastic from your kitchen.

Spice Box: The compact and portable design of our herbs and spices (masala) round rack sits on the kitchen counter without taking too much space, it's a great wooden tabletop masala dabba container, and it matches evenly with the rest of your stainless steel appliances. It's very handy and frees up space to store other cooking ingredients.

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Fashion Conscious Mom: Moms who think about the planet as their home are bound to take care of the impact their choices make on their home as well, these are the moms who inspire us everyday to do better and come up with an array of offerings which are better then before and have a more positive impact also. These moms are aware of the concepts of recycling, composting and basically reducing the single usage plastic from our consumption totally. Here is an offering that takes the waste plastic and recycles it into these amazing set of products:

Utility Bag: this UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Cutlery Kit can be an integral part of your bag/tote/backpack and join us in the mission to end single-use plastic! This kit comes with all essential reusables like a bamboo or steel spoon, fork, a straw with a straw cleaner made of coconut choir, a khadi (handwoven cotton) napkin.

Tote Bag: This tote is made from fabric which is made from waste plastic on the outside, inside lined with Muslin, Cotton fabric straps and outer zip. A key holder, one zipper and two open pockets inside on either side and a key holder on the inside make it very universal and easy to pick and go.

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Do let us know how these choices fair for you and we are always ready to improvise and grow! Please do write to us on info@ourbetterplanet.com for any questions or concerns regarding these product sets.

May 01, 2021 — Our Better Planet