A corporate gift serves the purpose of encouraging your employees to interact and engage more with your company. It refers to any gift given and received in a workplace setting - between management and employees, between partners of a company, and so on. It’s meant to foster motivation and lift the spirits of its recipient, and is also a token of appreciation.

We’ve compiled a list of some fabulous sustainable and handcrafted corporate gifts that you can consider for your workplace.

Bottles, Bowls, Mugs & More..

Nuts & Nibbles Bowl and Coffee Mugs

Bottles, bowls, mugs, and other household items make for excellent gifts because they are practical and useful. We have a unique curation of aesthetic bowls and drink wares that make a great sustainable alternative to gift your clients and impress them. These Agro Composite utensils are made with pine needles - these include cutting chai glasses, coffee mugs, small bowls, big bowls, and more. These heirloom-quality gifts will enhance any dining space with their design and texture.


Tree Free Journal

These are not only practical, but can be used in the long term. Moreover, people don’t necessarily have likes and preferences in terms of stationery, which is why it bodes well in the corporate gifting sphere.We offer a variety of eco-friendly journals that are a perfect way to encourage, introduce your employees to switch towards sustainable essentials.

Wellness Therapy Products

Not only are wellness products simply an elegant present, but they are also very subtly intimate and a way of showing you care about them. Being surrounded by a fragrant aroma is mood lifting and can feel very therapeutic. Whether at home, in the car, or at work, wellness fragrances create an environment that not only smells good but is also refreshing.

Saraho Car Wellness Fragrances

Scented candles can relax and ease your mind. They have mood-boosting and stress-relieving effects, and will, thus, encourage your clients to live a stress free lifestyle.

Lavender Oil Scented Candle

Our exclusive range of artisanal and locally sourced tea and coffee are wonderful products of nature with myriad health benefits. Making coffee and tea is a therapeutic experience rather than just another part of your routine when you receive it as a gift.

Therapeutic tea

Nutritious, Artisanal Treats

Now, what better to put a smile on someone’s face with healthy, delicious food?

We all like to nibble on something while working, studying, or just sitting around alone (or with other people). What you can do for your employees is simply help them make their snacking habits both yummier and healthier at the same time.

Artisanal Chocolates

You could even gift delicious spreads like nut butters, jam, honey, and so much more. These are simple and easy additions to the receiver’s daily diet, and they’re also nutritional.

Eco-Friendly Infant Gifts

Needless to say, baby products are possibly the best gift for new or expecting mums and dads. It reflects the compassion and personalisation of the present that you choose for somebody in the corporate sphere. Natural and organic products are the only kind that should be used for infants and we have a wide variety of choices here.

Eco Friendly Toys

Whether it’s handcrafted baby swaddles and linen, eco-friendly toys, clothes, or skincare products, they make cute presents that are safe to use with infants. The dyes and fabrics are naturally produced, while the other products are 100% made with natural, untreated materials.

Personal Care

Similar to how scented candles are mood-lifting, taking care of yourself is also therapeutic. Thus, personal care essentials like scented soaps, body butter, natural shampoo, and even face packs and scrubs are great, compassionate presents. It screams to employees that you care about how they’re doing, and how they treat and care for themselves.

Skin, hair, and other self-care products are important and sweet presents that show people that you care for their holistic health. Chemical-free organic products are the best way to put this compassion on display for the receiver of your gift to see. There are myriad eco-friendly and natural personal care products to choose from that can serve as fabulous choices for corporate gifting.

Recycled Laptop Bag

Functional Bags are among the best items to gift employees as it is an essential. This classic bag makes a statement gifting option that is truly utilitarian. What makes it truly special is it’s made out of recycled tires by a team of talented women artisans.

Wrapping Up

Being sustainable does not end with taking care of what you consume, or how you live - it is equally essential to incorporate planet friendly ways of doing things in your everyday life and also impart these values to your social circle and the larger community. Visit www.ourbetterplanet.com to find a wide array of eco-friendly products that you can gift your clients.

June 17, 2022 — Our Better Planet