From the beginning, Our Better Planet has been about promoting mindful consumerism. We believe less is more, and that the right products can change your life.

Our products are super versatile, durable, sustainable and of top quality. This means, in the long run, you reduce consumption, reduce waste and save resources.

With that in mind, we have curated a list of products that we believe are must-haves. Read On!1. The Summer Haze Top by Reistor

You know the drill, no wardrobe is complete without a classic button-down. With its sleeveless design and classic collar, the Summer Haze top can pair easily with whatever bottoms you may wear. Throw on a blazer and you can transform it into a chic business look too!

For those wondering, this top isn’t cotton. No, it’s actually made from hemp fibre. Unlike the cotton crop, hemp is easy to grow and requires very little water or chemicals for maintenance. This means it is safer for the environment and better for your wardrobe!2. Ice-Grey Linen Shirt by Folk

Gentlemen, we have not forgotten you. This shirt by Folk is lightweight and breezy, perfect for most occasions. Its long sleeves, chic mandarin collar and straight-cut button-down silhouette make it an ideal mix-and-match staple in your wardrobe.

This top is made from a breathable cotton linen fabric. This fabric is handmade on a loom. Not only does this add more character to your closet, but this manufacturing process is also less taxing to the environment than the mass-producing fashion industry. Also, each piece you buy directly contributes to the artisan’s livelihood. We think that’s pretty great.3. Sporty Denim Sneakers by Greensole

Every good wardrobe should have a pair of comfortable, and stylish casual sneakers. Who says your stylish sneakers cannot be ecofriendly? These sneakers are made from recycled material!

Greensole recycles discarded cork to create the sole of these shoes. It is then fitted with ecofriendly padding and breathable canvas to keep your feet comfy. In fact, Greensole has a whole range of designs and colours that are sure to match your personal style. Try out a pair!4. Denim Gym Bag by Rimagined

Whether it is to actually hit the gym, or a carry on for your weekend trip, gym bags are inescapable. So why not make it count? If you’re looking for a sustainable new gym bag, we highly recommend this one by Rimagined.

This bag is made from repurposed, discarded denim from factories. Denim is hazardous to the environment, both, during manufacturing and discarding. This bag gives it a new life. It has a classic design, plenty of pockets and a water-proof inner lining that makes it a definite must-have!5. BAMBOO BATH TOWELS by DVaar Furnishing

Speaking of gyms, have you considered replacing your towels too? These towels by DVaar Furnishing are made from a fabric that is partly cotton and partly bamboo fibre. Not only is bamboo more ecofriendly than the cotton crop, but it also comes with a range of very practical benefits. Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This means you can dry yourself faster, pack it up, and be on your way!6. Car Wellness Fragrance by SARAHO

Whether you’re taking a road trip or simply sitting, waiting for the signal to change, we sure spend a lot of time in the car. Car fresheners are a must on nearly everyone’s shopping list. However, with their plastic containers, fumey-chemical-ridden make-up, and scents that smell nothing like a rose or a lemon, car fragrances are usually terrible. So, here’s an alternative.

These car fragrances by Saraho come in little jute bags. They are made from earthy, natural materials and a mix of water-soluble oils. These fresheners are created so that they mix harmlessly back into the environment. 7. Extended Shelf Life Storage Container by Agrocomposites

We don’t know about you, but we definitely can never have enough storage containers. There’s always some snack you have to hurry to finish because there is nowhere to put it. Agro Composites offers a range of containers that may help you. It’s the classic look of steel containers but with more benefits. According to the brand, these miracle containers can increase the shelf life of your snacks. How? These containers are made from authentic Himalayan pine needles! These needles promote hygiene and resist mould. This means, your snacks are snackable longer. Magic? We’re almost convinced. 8. Organic Herbal Hot/Cold Eye Therapy Pack by Aksobha

Blink. How long were you staring at the screen? We know, it happens to the best of us. Which is why, we highly recommend this eye pack by Aksobha. After a long day of work (screen-staring) your eyes need some TLC. This eye pack is stuffed with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs, seeds and oils that promote relaxation and relief. You can heat the pack for hot therapy, or freeze it for cold. This pack is perfect for when you just want to wind down, or meditate. Just add a spritz of lavender oil and watch it work miracles!9. Printed Tanka Cotton Double-Bed Quilts by Sadhna

There’s nothing like bunkering down on the weekend. Especially not with the pitter-patter of rain outside and a nice, cold room. All you really need is a cosy blanket. Well, here you are! Made from a patchwork of repurposed waste fabric, these blankets are soft and comfy. They are handmade by women artisans who pour their love into these zero-waste blankets. They also feature traditional Tanka embroidery to bring you a rustic, artistic design. 10. Complete Personal Care Kit by Back To Roots

We almost never realise the amount of plastic waste we create in our everyday lives. This kit by Back to Roots brings a set of sustainable alternatives to everyday hygiene products. A toothbrush, loofah, comb, tongue cleaner and earbuds, each item is carefully made to reduce your environmental impact. These products are made with sustainable materials like wood and metal, instead of plastic. If you’re looking to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, it’s the little things that matter.

August 26, 2021 — Our Better Planet