Pregnancy is an awakening period in a woman's life, whether its for the first time, second time or the nth number of time, it is a time to really sit back and think about how far have you come and if this is how you want to continue because very soon you will be watched, your actions will be emulated and how you to react to a situation will definitely help shape up an individual.

Feeling overwhelmed and confused is a result and one should not let it dominate this beautiful time of self realisation, what really helps is becoming self conscious, keeping your needs above others, taking care of yourself and setting life practises that you can consistently follow. Wellness, both during and after pregnancy is equally important, one should be mindful of their surroundings and work towards a direction that is sustainable.

Starting with a daily routine of spending some quality time with oneself should be high on priority because very soon you will have an inseparable significant other in your life. If you have been working out/practising yoga or doing any form of physical exercise before you got here then its easy to continue with it as the body adjusts and if you are consistent then it definitely has amazing benefits on everything from how your mood uplifts during pregnancy to maybe how easy it is to cope with postpartum activities.

Not everyday is same and hence the idea is to love yourself and not be hard or pushy, if your body needs a day off give it one, maybe practise some breath work that day and it will help you further relax.

Sharing my personal journey about this itch to break this myth around no working out for pregnant moms, I am 25 weeks pregnant and I most definitely work out each day, after reading about it and consulting my doctor I was advised completely against it as I am supposedly a high risk pregnancy due to me being in the 40 plus age bracket and also because I had developed gestational diabetes in both my earlier pregnancies. Lets shatter this myth together, I did practise yoga and indulged in strength training and it really helped me stay calm and sane, I listened to my body and stopped immediately when I felt tired, the idea is not to lose control but to keep your mental being balanced.

Practising at least three days a week helps with balancing your sugars and also the stretches that follow help you relieve the back pain that accompanies every pregnant woman especially in her third trimester. Continuous workout also helps with digestion which is very compromised during these nine months.

The choice is totally yours, you can choose to practise yoga, indulge in strength training, take up pilates or barre, just be mindful of what all has your body been exposed to before and then choose accordingly. I would highly recommend working with a prenatal expert who can work with you and chalk out a plan for your workouts, this definitely helps in making sure that we are not going beyond what our body can take in a session. Increasing the range of motion for regular exercises like lunges that you have been practising earlier helps as it gives your growing belly enough space.

Holding on to poses/yoga asanas is a form of strength training your body also, it helps you build stamina and also helps stabilise your mind and body. When you hold a pose, you have time to actually feel, to adjust and to re-adjust. Watch out for allowing your mind to become completely occupied with this, though. While it’s fine to take some time to focus on your alignment, try not to allow it to become your sole focus. Enjoy your practise/Workout with an open mind and take long deep breaths to clear out your system!

Please write to us on for suggestion about verified pre natal instructors, any questions about breath work, workouts or suggestions about what insta handles to follow to stay motivated! Do check out our product range of yoga mats and active wear that can facilitate a relaxing practise.

Have a good one always!

May 04, 2021 — Our Better Planet