With the ever increasing population, human consumption and quite frankly, the state of our planet, it is of utmost importance for us to look at sustainable alternatives and an ecofriendly approach to living in order to reduce the burnout of natural resources, protect our biodiversity and promote a healthy lifestyle that’s good for us and good for the environment.

Mostly all the day to day products we buy and use leaves a substantial amount of carbon footprint behind. Everything we buy has a health, an environmental, and a social impact that's often not spoken about. It’s imperative not only for consumers but also for manufacturers and companies to work towards protecting our natural resources. Our activities will only continue to have adverse impacts on the environment if left unchecked. Issues like pollution, water scarcity, and global warming are only the beginning to the darker days that lie ahead of us if we do not change our practices.

Hence, why sustainable shopping is our medium to support and promote a better lifestyle for a greener tomorrow. I mean did you know the fashion industry alone is responsible for 10% of the planet’s carbon emissions each year? This is because of the unethical practices, the non-biodegradable materials used and most importantly the lack of regard to the environment and the planet’s future.

Be responsible and choose wisely when it comes to the products and services you use. The key to sustainability comes from taking the high road and being a mindful and conscious consumer. Ask questions, make changes but do not settle for something that's harmful.

Here are 5 reasons why you should shop sustainably

  1. Better for the environment

Sustainable products have a minimal to no impact on the environment because of the materials used, and the techniques implemented in the production and manufacturing alongside being mindful about our natural resources. These products leave a green footprint behind leading to reduced pollution and an increased quality of life.

  1. Supports local businesses

One of the most important parts about shopping sustainably is shopping locally. Making this switch leads to supporting local businesses and trying out local products that we normally wouldn’t. This also means supporting ethical manufacturing, slow fashion and fellow members of our community.

  1. Promotes health & wellbeing

All eco-friendly and sustainable products always promote a healthy lifestyle. This is because of the practices that involves fewer pesticides, chemicals, additives and preservatives which are toxic for us and the environment. With sustainable products and farming, everyone’s quality of life is respected and cared for; be it the consumers, the producers or the environment.

  1. Lasts Longer

The beauty of sustainable products is that they are durable because of the organic and eco-friendly fibres used and the the techniques involved with its production. This creates timeless fashion which is more comfortable, robust and unique.

  1. Empowers Artisans & Craftsmen

Since all the work is done locally in smaller batches for a sustainable production, this gives us a great opportunity to empower our local craftsmen and artisans and let them hone their skills. This also leads to educating people on ancient techniques, lost arts and the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

Make the informed, responsible and conscious decision of shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle now. Start small with simple switches such as your tooth brush or your comb and slowly keep moving upwards to your wardrobe, your eating habits and so on. Once you consciously start making this choice to consume and do what’s good for you and our humble abode, earth, we are one step towards creating a better tomorrow for the coming generations

July 31, 2022 — Our Better Planet