Nobody can deny that, in recent years, the focus has been drawn towards the environmental crisis we are facing. Right from greenhouse emission to waste generation, we have left a dark mark on our planet. This in turn has caused damage to human life over and over again. The years have gone by, and we are stuck in the vicious loop.

26th Sept is celebrated as World environmental health day. Environmental health is all about promoting a greener world and creating safe communities so we, as humans, can grow and thrive. Not a bad goal right? In fact, the theme for the event in 2021 is “Prioritizing Environmental Health for healthier communities in the global recovery.”

Environmental Health, in its essence, is the relationship between us and our environment. If the environment stays healthy, so do we. With that in mind, it is extremely important to remember that a sustainable, non toxic lifestyle can go a long way in helping the cause. It is also vital in keeping our future generations healthy.

With the world buckling under a respiratory disease, this problem seems to have become more obvious. The issues of pollution and emission rates are directly tied with our experience of the pandemic. It has become obvious that to help the world recover, there is a lot to be done in reducing the number of toxins we put out in our surroundings. While these look like massive issues that need to be dealt with on a grander scale, there are always little steps that we can take as people.

Here at Our Better Planet, our goal has stayed the same. We believe that in protecting the environment and helping our smaller communities we can nurture a better future. Our focus has remained constant: Sustainable Consumerism. We believe that your shopping choices can have a positive and healthy impact on the world around you.

Making sustainable shopping choices can help you reduce your carbon footprint. You can pick products that help reduce the negative impact of production and also reduce the waste that is created from it. Moreover, the products you pick can go a long way in helping someone in need.

So if you’re looking to celebrate World Environmental Health Day in 2021 with us, here are some tips that can help you make better shopping choices

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We have learnt this mantra since we were kids. It still holds up! When you’re making a purchase always make sure that the product is of good quality, has strong construction and can be easily reused for years. Products made for cheap, use-and-throw consumption end up causing more harm than good. The idea is to reduce the demand we place on virgin materials. The less we demand, the less that is produced. At the end of its lifespan, instead of just dumping the product in a bin, recycle it. Many brands take back the products or their packaging to be reused or recycled. In fact, if you check our website, you’ll find many products made from recycled materials just waiting for a new home!

Shop local

Whether you're looking for your daily groceries or beautiful handicrafts, always check your own neighbourhood first. This saves a lot of damage in packaging and delivery keeping your environmental impact in check. You can simply walk to a store with a reusable bag, like the good ol’ days! More than that, this helps support your local businesses. It protects the shop owners, craftspeople, local farmers and so many more. It leaves behind a long trail of positive social impact.

Support Indian Handicrafts

If you’re looking for gifts or home decor, we highly recommend patronising traditional artisans and craftspeople of India. Handmade with simple tools, these products bypass the damage caused by mass production. This also helps protect age-old artforms from dying out, giving their artists a chance to thrive! While you’re at it, look out for products that are marked Fairtrade and Craftsmark. This makes sure that the artisans are protected, paid their fair share and work in healthy, happy environments.

Buy Organic and Cruelty Free

While you’re looking at environmental and social impact, always remember to look into the health impact of your purchases. Especially when it comes to food, organic products make sure you don’t consume anything that can directly harm your family’s health. This can help you avoid medical complications while also creating a greener world.

Our Better planet has been committed to this vision for years. We show you the impact of the products you purchase. You can choose to shop by the impact or simply purchase a product you need knowing your choice has helped the world heal a little bit. After all, when it comes to environmental health, every little bit of good counts!

February 18, 2023 — sangita Banerjee De