March 26 | 1PM
March 27 | 2PM
Kids (8 y+) and Adults
Ticket Price : Rs 599

Learn the art of macrame under the guidance of macrame experts "Indian Yards" who are actively empowering women of the Nilgiris into first generation macrame artists
Macrame is a versatile form of art that is therapeutic to the crafter, as one plays with the knot to bring out their creative genius. Since the form of craft is done using natural fibres like cotton twine, jute, hemp, or yarn, macramé, it holds a lot of significance in sustainable values through art. One can make everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to jewellery, purses, and even clothing items using macrame.

March 26 | 3PM (Kids)
March 27 | 3PM (All age)
Ticket Price : Rs 250

Composting is a very valuable learning aspect of the three R’s, Reduce Reuse and Recycle, a key habit in eco-friendly behavior. Practicing the act is a way of showing gratitude towards our earth and makes one closer to nature.

As conscious adults when practicing this on a regular basis, kids also observe and learn the same. This can also be a fun activity to do with your kids, while you teach them the science behind composting, and show them what can and cannot be composed. This is an engaging way to spend time and connect with your loved ones and impart the valuable essence of giving back and taking care of the environment.

Daily Dump is an organization that envision a cleaner, brighter India while encouraging citizens to start composting. Come join in their hand-on workshop and learn about the different kinds of waste materials and how and why to segregate them. Understand the basics of composting at home, and clear all your doubts about it. You'll also explore how to reduce waste in your life, and lead a more sustainable lifestyle!

Note: materials will be provided by the organizers- it would be great if participants can bring some vegetable waste as well.

Ticket Price : Rs 250 per person

get a voucher worth INR 150 VOUCHER to use on, validity for the same will be for the next 6 months.


March 26 | 4PM
Ticket Price: Rs 250

Connect with Meera Ramakrishnan co-founder Zishta, in an exclusive workshop and clear your doubts using traditional wisdom & scientific knowledge.

Cooking in traditional cookware makes food tastier, healthier and the vessels last for generations. Do you have queries on transitioning to traditional cookware?
- Not sure where to start & how will they work in your kitchen?
- Want to know which ones work on induction, coil stove etc?
- Thinking all cookware need special maintenance?
- Worried if there are harmful effects?
- Unsure about what to cook and what not to cook?

Zishta works with artisans from 14 states, 55 clusters, 500 + artisans who have been making products by hand using the method that their ancestors taught them. Her products like pure iron tawa, cast iron kadai (wok), kalchatti (soapstone) cooking vessels, a tin vessel for making rasam (eeya chombu) and brass coffee filter very much form an integral part of traditional Indian cooking essentials.


March 26 | 4:30 p.m.
Ticket Price: Rs 799

This workshop aims towards ditching sugary, carbonated drinks and opening up a whole new world of plant-based, nutrient dense coolers that are not only healthy but super refreshing and delish.

After being a successful model with over 400 ads, Mariam Begg's impressive health journey steered her career path to being a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. Her keen interest in Health and Nutrition has led to a lifetime of learning and researching a more holistic approach to balancing busy urban lifestyles. Her expertise lies in understanding and facilitating the promotion of Primary Health Foods and Holistic Health.
She runs the infamous 3 Day Cleanse program and believes and teaches the benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet, how to start eating Raw Foods and dealing with digestive distress, how to heal & detoxify your system for maximum nutrient absorption.

Mariam has conducted a number of talks, corporate workshops around managing health through simple, daily practices as well as educating people about plant-based diets. She launched the very popular 3 day cleanse in Bangalore apart from making wholefood plant based and delish desserts and snacks at her kitchen. She views good health as the coming together of food, mental and emotional spheres, interpersonal relationships, and spirituality.Mariam is also the founder of The Preloved Co, a not-for-profit enterprise that keeps fast fashion items from reaching landfills and raises funds for various charities by selling new and gently worn fashionwear.


March 27 | 12PM
Ticket Price: Rs 999

Be a part of Araku Coffee’s workshop for a fun coffee brewing experience and understand the simple ways of how to do it yourself!

We all enjoy brewed coffee at our specialty cafes. The practice of brewing your own coffee is indeed a therapeutic experience, from the fresh aroma to the whole brewing process itself, it is one that all coffee lovers can look forward to.

ARAKU Coffee is an award-winning, globally-acclaimed enterprise focused on transforming the farm-to-table and seed-to-cup experience. As an organization, they are driven by the intent of making the lives of the farmers in the Araku Region better.

In 2021, they opened the first-ever café in Bengaluru, with multiple brewing stations, an in-house roastery, an unconventional food menu and a curated bookstore. With the aim to create a unique distribution model in the world of coffee, philanthropists and trustees of Naandi Foundation: Anand Mahindra, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Satish Reddy and Maganti Rajendra Prasad along with Manoj Kumar, CEO of Naandi Foundation, co-created a retail brand with its first flagship store in the Marais region of Paris.

Workshop Details
Coffee 101: Coffee Mocktails
ARAKU World Specialty Coffee Academy (AWSCA) brings you Coffee 101: Coffee Mocktails. Shaken or Stirred?

Essential know-how for the coffee curious: ARAKU baristas and mixologists share tips and tricks for creating your own coffee-based mocktail.
You can play with your favourite ingredients and create a signature zero-proof bevvy or two.

What else?
- Catch the barista prep the drink from scratch
- Savour the drink and get to the heart of the flavours; understand how they work together
- Get a closer look at the ingredients, glassware and garnishes
- Make your own drink using ARAKU espresso or cold brew, with a little help from our barista and mixologist!


March 27 | 4PM
Ticket Price: Rs 1499

Learn the natural art of growing plants in a moss ball, “KOKEDAMA” under the guidance of Nisha Bhimaiyah.

Originating from Japan, and being practiced for centuries, Kokedama is popular all over the world amongst green enthusiasts. Blending different artistic skills and training skills, this Kokedama Making Workshop will be a hands-on experience to learn the nuances of creating a basic Kokedama and how one can further learn to pursue this art.

Nisha Bhimaiah is a practicing Kokedama artist since 10years, along with other garden art forms, and is the founder of Nirvana Garden Concepts. She is a Green Crusader, A Healer, A Behavioural Trainer, A Lifeskills Coach, A Counselor, A Theatre Trainer, Theatre Practitioner and Performer.
NIRVANA Kokedamas are eco-friendly and use natural, biodegradable materials to create this art hence reducing the carbon footprints by eliminating non-biodegradables. This workshop will be an experience that will help us to connect ourselves back to nature and make us more eco-sensitive.


March 27 | 5:30PM
Ticket Price: Rs 1799

It is a known fact that a healthy diet is the key for a healthy body and soul. Conscious living is all about practising gratitude towards oneself, your surroundings, and taking care of ourselves as well as encouraging others to do the same. What better way to start your journey towards a healthy sustainable diet than participating in a cooking workshop that ensures a healthy body and mind?

Healthy eating does not mean tricky, boring or bland food! Sign up for this one-of-a-kind cooking workshop to learn about eating smart, healthy and treating your taste buds at the same time!
Monika Manchanda is a food writer ,food consultant, culinary trainer and the Chief Culinary Officer at @livealtlife, who will be guiding the workshop. The session will also touch on the properties and nutritional values of the dishes, and help you plan your diet to fulfill your daily micro and macro nutrient requirements.

Workshop Details:
1. Meal Planning 101 - Tips on how to create a meal plan to make sure that it easy, tasty and ensure the right nutrients
2. Demo of two healthy summer recipes

March 24, 2022 — Our Better Planet