Back To Roots Coco Bowl And Bamboo Spork | Travel Kit | Matte Finished | 450-500 ml

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“What” you consume and “In what” you consume determine your ecological footprint and your health.
When you choose our coco bowl and spork made from decomposable and eco-friendly material, you reduce contamination to yourself and the environment.

Product Details:
Made in India
Material: Bamboo and Coconut Shell
Packaging: Made with Recycled waste paper

Product Details

Material Coconut & Bamboo

Crafting Technique Handcrafted

Includes Coco Bowl | Matte Finished | 450-500 ml x 1 - Bamboo Spork | Combination of a Spoon and a Fork x 1 Size : 8 x 6 x 4 cm Our coco bowls are made from waste coconut shells

Benefits Eco-friendly, Plastic-free, and Bio-degradable - Odourless, tasteless, washable, and reusable - Eco-friendly and sustainable - Comfortable gripping - 100% natural and toxic-free Size: 11 x 9 x 9 cm Our natural bamboo cutlery is made from ethically grown bamboo. 

How It's Made

These waste-looking shells are then upcycled into beautiful coco bowls by our craftsmen. Likewise, our bamboo spork is also handcrafted and is 100% environmentally friendly.
Our natural coco bowls and bamboo cutlery are made from thrown-away shells and bamboo. It will help you achieve your Zero Waste goals.. and, if you have social goals too, say Yes again, for you’d be hugely benefiting the artisans handcrafting your classic-looking kitchenware..!

Care Instruction

Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water and do not put in the dishwasher – Do not use it in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher – If you want, after every 10-15 washes you can polish your bowl with Coconut oil

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Back To Roots

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