Dvaar Wooden Copper Bottle Mahogany Wood 500 ml

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By Dvaar

 It has been proven that drinking water from plastic bottles can lead to severe ailments in the long run. Switching to other eco-friendly natural materials is the way to go for better wellbeing.

In ancient studies like Ayurveda, the benefits and the list of virtues of drinking in copper is endless. From skin to internal organs and bones, there is no part in our body that does not benefit from drinking water in Copper vessels

Our bottle Sangam is a fusion of nature's two elements, the metal copper and earthy wood. This amalgamation adds an elegant edge to our copper bottle. Our bottles stand out in a gym or home and ooze style wherever they are placed.

Copper is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-ageing properties and many health benefits. Some of them are improving digestion, balancing hypertension, and harmonising the thyroid imbalance.

Water should be stored overnight at room temperature in the copper bottle and consumed first in the morning for optimum health benefits. Please do not drink fruit juices or other beverages from Copper. Only plain water has to be kept in copper bottles.

Drinking water from copper vessels twice a day is recommended for good health.

Product Details

Material Mahogany wood

Crafting Technique Handcrafted

How It's Made

Design: The interior of the bottle is made from certified copper and the exterior is made from wood. So a copper bottle with a classy wooden casing. It looks great in the home, especially the kitchen and dining areas.

Easy to clean: Our copper bottle is joint-free, rust free and has a leak-proof cap with a sharpness free mouth for easy cleaning.

Product information: The colour and grains of the wood vary from bottle to bottle based on the colour of the wood and the image resolution on the site. Also, take care while opening and closing the bottle as the cap is heavy.

Sustainability Quotient: Biodegradable.

Size:500ml Dimensions: Height: 10 inches Diameter: 3 inches Weight: 450 gms

Care Instruction

Before using the first time, rinse the bottle well and leave it to dry.

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