"We are a bunch of creatures that absolutely adore and Respect both our biological as well as our ecological mother (Maa aur Dharti Maa). We are inspired by our mother’s craft and vision for re-creating beautiful things out of trash and converting them into a treasure (they call it ‘up-cycling’ these days ... well ... Indian mothers have been doing that for ages) Driven by ancient Indian school of thought which encouRages us to live a sustainable life, our motto is to; Restore, revive, retain and re-interprete this thought by following three simple ‘sutras’ ; reduce, reuse, recycle. We are peace loving people and we are here to spread ‘Eco’ism. Our passion for arts, crafts and nature combined with our idea of a cleaner, greener and healthier tomorrow makes us ‘who we are’. WHAT EXACTLY DO WE DO?
• We are modern day rag pickers who strive to earn their bread n butter by hand crafting beautiful things out of all kind of trash like used PET/glass bottles, cosmetic containers, old clothes and textile waste together with other earth friendly materials.
• Being ‘true’ Indians, we dutifully exercise our rights to give Pravachan and Bolbacchan on how ‘you’ can play a part in keeping our mother earth clean and be an ‘Ecobuddy’ just like us (Sharing our recipes and spreading knowledge through workshops)
• We are here to play our part in cleaning up the ecological and social environment not with brooms and vacuum cleaners but with paint brushes, colors, and scissors (& in the process inspire many others to follow the same path).
• Our endeavor is to cultivate the Indian essence by weaving, crafting & amalgamating our culture, traditional arts & stories of colorful India into our products.
• We are here to celebrate everything about India, be it the rich cultural heritage or the full on drama on which we, as a country, never lag behind.
The only carbon footprint that we leave behind at Ba no Batwo is the carbon dioxide that we exhale at work (but we make sure we have lots of green trees around so as to help them with their photosynthesis ;)). Everything that we make is hand crafted with love and affection.
We strive to bring back the ancient thoughts of living sustainable life so that we can be responsible ancestors.
We are dreamers who dream of a cleaner and greener tomorrow and we want you all to be part of that dream so that we can together turn it into a reality. "