OurBetterPlanet is a curated platform that enables you to improve the quality of your life, its a one stop shop for better products. Our product offerings range from Apparel, Accessories, Kids products, Clean nutrition, Pet products, Home and Living as well as Gifting. 

Our Better Planet currently works with about 200 social ventures, NGO's, cooperatives and for profit businesses working towards the sustainable development goals. The idea is to build a community through the platform to increase awareness around concepts like sustainability, less is more, reuse, conscious consumerism, climate action and make them mainstream. 

The product offerings help initiate and support these conversations also, they enable to bridge the gap that exists between being aware and taking action. Our verticals of Corporate Gifting and Training helps us target a larger set of audience and our initiatives like Conscious Souk bring consumers directly in touch with alternative products and their creators leading to some interesting conversations and findings.

The focus is to grow the community that aims to work together to solve some grassroots issues and to back these initiatives up with the right offerings. OurBetterPlanet handpicks its product offerings and makes sure that each of these are backed by research and certifications. Our mission is based on the three C's:

  • Convenience of shopping
  • Clarity of information
  • Credibility of the offerings

We follow an extremely rigorous metrics based process to select our partners and products hence eliminating the issue of greenwashing. We try to simplify information and encourage transparency of information thus helping consumers develop trust in the process and stay consistent towards better life practices.

In the times to come or even in the current times the awareness around conscious living and consumption is increasing and OurBetterPlanet will make the transition smoother by offering verified products online, with the usage of technologies like IoT and others, we are enabling consumers to ask the right questions and also provide them with the right answers.

The web platform takes its online presence seriously and aims to inspire and grow, the idea is to start from a positive note and let consumers resonate with the sentiments and take positive steps towards a better planet.