Do Bandar, hand-crafts body care experiences that work on the mind, body and soul. Who says modern living is a breeze? We live in stressful times and need to find time to calm down, center ourselves, and in the words of Master Shifu, find some ‘inner peace’. Mayura, the founder of Do Bandar, takes responsibility for research, development and processing. She along with a team of renowned Ayurveda doctors manufacture the products with utmost sincerity. The formulas are developed using the most ancient natural skincare techniques available in the world. They draw inspiration from traditional body care preparations – ancient Ayurveda recipes, royal Mughal recipes, and preparations perfected by generations of mothers and grandmothers. They test their products on themselves and their loved ones – that is the amount of trust they have on their formulas. They strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and buy recycled paper, packaging, use banana fiber paper to wrap soaps and try their best to reduce their carbon footprint. Do Bandar is an all-woman social enterprise. Their products are made from the purest natural ingredients, completely chemical-free, hand-crafted, and with love. They are conscious about promoting a nature-friendly, safe and effective way to beauty, much like their great grandmothers and those before us. The products by Do Bandar celebrate the rich, natural resources and traditions of India.

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