MORALFIBRE brand stands for Clothing with a Conscience. Usage of human energy has a less negative impact on the environment. Eco-friendly and socio-economically sustainable, MORALFIBRE provides work in a fair way to thousands of skilled and unskilled people. MORALFIBRE works to re-invent and promote the age old hand crafted fabrics – Khadi, which is unique to India and a significant part of world textile history. The fabrics are produced by co-operatives based in small villages by thousands of hand spinners and handweavers. MORAL FIBRE has helped generate livelihood support for over 2500 artisans in Gujarat. They are a member of the Fair Trade Forum, India – a part of WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization. Today with growing concerns about global warming, climate change, and the need to support the human dignity of workers, this is a unique way of fabric making, clean energy, and sustainable initiative

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