The story of Think Artly. Explore the world of Think Artly & how it came to be. Our story began in the winter of 2014 when Anant, an avid gamer & a techie, met Suchita, a textile designer, in an International Exhibition. Luckily, they discussed their common interest in creative decor products and their passion about creating beautiful living spaces. Love blossomed amidst CNC machines and almost a year later they tied the knot. When Anant's interest in cutting edge technology mingled with Suchita's love for fine aesthetics, Think Artly came into being.Think Artly is a unique platform that offers customized products created by digital fabrication and new techniques of carpentry. We, at Think Artly, got our hearts set on bringing personality to every corner of your life and we strive to bring beauty & innovation, straight into your living room. Think Artly. For those who think by heart.