Jus Amazin is committed to making Yummy Clean Nutrition Products (100% Natural, 0% Junk) available to meet the nutrition needs of consumers across age groups. Parenthood made us Entrepreneurs! We started our entrepreneurial journey when we could not find Nutritious, Delicious & 100% Natural foods for our child. Most so-called “healthy” foods were not delivering on nutrition & contained E numbered / INS numbered additives (of chemical origin), which were not ideal for a child (but they still claimed that they were “healthy/natural/clean”)! So we started making natural & nutritionally dense products on our own - Almond Butters, Organic Peanut Butters, Cashew Butters & Seed Butters. Clean Nutrition for all and over time, we realized the extent of junk / chemicals present in all packaged foods, and how today’s aware consumers are actively looking for healthier alternatives. As a result we expanded our product range to 7 product categories : Nut Butters, Almond Milk, Chutneys, Pasta Sauce, Superfoods, Dessert Mixes & Gluten-Free Atta - all of which are Delicious & Genuinely Clean Nutrition Products with Zero Junk (and not just “legally clean / natural”). All our products are free from Dairy, Gluten & Soya, and made in a dedicated facility, which is free from these allergens. World’s First Innovations. These include some “world’s first” innovations such as 30-Second Almond Milk / Drink, Dairy-Free Dessert Mate (Condensed Almond Milk), 5-Minute Badam Kheer, 5-Minute Pasta Sauce, Peanut Flax Chutneys, Dairy Free Kulfi Mix, 5-Minute Chocolate Mousse etc.

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