Kindermum is an initiative by Mansi Modi, mother of 3-year-old Pratham. She worked in IT for 7 years and developed a love for travel while there. Indian landscapes inspired her, but sadly, they are being polluted due to a lack of awareness and responsibility. Her initiative aims to save our Mother Earth through Kindermum. Her son's skin was quite sensitive for disposable diapers, leading to rashes. And each time, she threw disposables in the dustbin, she felt guilty. At an early age she was introduced to cloth diapers. It was love at first sight! They had cute prints, were reusable and environmentally friendly, while also being economical. While building my stash, she realized that there was a dearth of trim fit diapers to go over fancy children’s clothing, and Kindermum Nano AIO was thus born after a lot of research and testing. There was no looking back after that! Moreover, she always felt that cloth diapers are a great gift of technology to this generation, enveloping the best of both the world – The traditional trust of cotton cloth nappy’s & the advanced absorbency of disposable diapers. Add on some adorable & cute designs and you have the best possible diapering solution for your little one. All of these with a conscious effect to Save Mother Earth. The name 'Kindermum' is a manifestation of celebrating this festival called infant-hood with my kid. The logo is a reflection of a mother's love for her kid, with a subtle consciousness towards environmental protection.

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