Filling colors in everyday living, Rainboo makes delightful, thoughtful, and practical products for children in partnership with skilled craftspeople using ethical practices. The intention behind Rainboo is to create beautiful and lively handmade products for babies, toddlers, and pre-teen kids. We aim to focus on quality and design, as for us they are equally important. Childhood is a world filled with myriad of magical experiences and miracles of curious minds and we love to keep it that way. The brand draws inspiration from urban, global, and traditional design influences and gives its own twist using the age-old technique of block printing. All our prints have unique stories and characters that catch the whimsy of the little ones. Our beddings and accessories are hand-block printed with a lot of love and then hand-stitched with utmost care and attention to detail so that you can create a perfect space for your moppet. And it doesn’t stop here; we also have a range of simple yet intriguing wooden toys and furniture to meet all your nursery needs. At Rainboo, we provide customers with distinctive pieces which help parents to create a space for their children that’s functional, fun, and uniquely their own.

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