Babies crawl on the ground, put things in their mouth; their skin is more absorbent than adults. For these reasons & more, Whitewater Kids brings to you the softest of organic cotton products for your little munchkins aged 0-24 months. Sourced from India, there organic cotton is gentler and safer than regular cotton as it is grown naturally without harsh chemicals. Simply good for babies, farmers and environment! There delightful designs, inspired by an original poem, are hand-printed and hand-embroidered by artisans. Timeless and impeccably made with care, these products are meant to be loved and handed-down generations. Conscious of people, products are ethically stitched in small batches. Each product comes with its own recyclable packaging, making is a perfect gift for your loved ones! Whitewater Kids are proud to be a women-led enterprise supporting local, social and economic independence.