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Life without good food is like dal without tadka. Bland. Yet, why should good food come at the cost of the planet and our health? Get sustainable food Products with Our Better Planet today.

Q1. What makes Our Better Planet food eco-friendly food?

A1. The food sold at Our Better Planet is ethically sourced and organic.

Q2. Why should I switch to sustainable food?

A2. Sustainable and eco-friendly food products are better for the planet and your health as they are toxin-free and organic. Thus, switching to eco-friendly food ensures better health and a more sustainable future.

Q3. What is the purpose of the Sustainable Food collection?

A3. The purpose of this sustainable food collection is to make it easier for people who want organic and or or sustainable food to have access to products which fulfill their needs. We at Our Better Planet wish to make a sustainable lifestyle something that people can participate in with ease.

Q4. How do I start eating organic?

A4. It is actually quite simple to start eating organic! Take your favourite foods and once you finish the current batch, order an organic version of them from Our Better Planet! Then, if your gut and taste buds agree, you can start eating organic. Happy eating!

Q5. Are the products in the Sustainable Food collection certified organic?

A5. Our Better Planet does have food items that are certified organic. You can use the filter system located on the left side of your desktop screen to remove all other products from your window.