Our Brand Story

OurBetterPlanet is a hybrid marketplace supporting artists, artisans, small businesses and innovative startups who prioritize the sustainable development goals. 

Since inception we have been working towards our mission which is based on the three C's, Convenience of shopping, Clarity of information and Credibility of the offerings. We currently work with 200 plus NGO’s, artisanal clusters and as well as for profit businesses whose products create  a  minimal negative impact on the environment and its people. Through our online platform and the offline presence through “Conscious Souk”  we encourage slow and mindful consumption and enable decluttering of information for people to make better decisions.









Mindful Gifting

Corporates give out multiple gifts to their employees throughout the year and they usually are utility products made with substandard materials or plastics mostly, OurBetterPlanet identifies this as a big concern and offers a wide range of sustainable products and hampers for different occasions and milestones which can be customised as per the Clients needs. This definitely helps eliminate the issues of waste generation and also enables a wider reach for one of a kind products made using good quality materials.

Our Corporate Clients

Conscious Souk

A community gathering that brings together sustainable, eco-friendly and mindful brands under one roof, gives them an opportunity to expose their products and ideas to a wider audience across the country and beyond. The inherent idea being to create a safe environment for right conversations to start and collaborations to happen for creation and widespread usage of better products.

We have curated 17 independent markets so far across Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.The experience is invaluable and goes far and wide in building the e commerce platform that aims to serve a wider populace due to its online nature.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The silk appliqué dupatta from Bihart is lovely. It has an eclectic mix of shades of yellow that allow it to match with my bright yellow silk lehenga of an entirely different shade. I was expecting a darker shade of grey in the base but this one looks good too. The silk is lighter than expected. The only con of this piece is that the appliqué pieces have pen marks on them from where they are cut and embroidered onto the fabric which the embroidery does not hide. Hoping this will get clean in the first dry cleaning. Lovely piece!
— Vibhuti
Customer reviews
Great quality and effective packaging The product is well packed and the ziplock bag is quiet strong, the product cooks well and makes for great dishes.
— P.S.
Customer reviews
Excellent Quality! This set was bought as a gift for a 7 year old who is passionate about lego, he instantly loved building it and had a great time with his family!
— Pallavi Srivastava
Customer reviews
Mason & Co Cacao Nibs.
— Sowmiya D
Customer reviews
Exceptional product Its a great quality product, finish is beautiful and is made out of solid wood.
— P.S.