Sustainable Sanctity Diwali Set

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Ignite your Diwali spirit with our eco-inspired ensemble. Inhale the enchanting essence of upcycled flower incense, bask in eco-friendly purity with soy wax diyas, and let modern aesthetics blend seamlessly with functionality on a sleek Cement Coaster. Illuminate compassion and sustainability in every corner
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Soy wax Terracotta Diya (small set of 2) soy wax divas with intricate dry flower designs on them.

Soy wax candle- An aromatic tin candle with a fresh fragrance to enliven the ambience air tight jar with hand poured wax and will spread a soothing smell in the surrounding when lit.

Esscent Flower-Based Tea Tree Incense Cones- Made from upcycled waste flowers and 100% natural essential oils, Esscent incense cones are handcrafted by our rural women and specially-abled people. These are 100% charcoal free and are soaked in natural essential oils, making them the best stress-relievers. Esscent 100% Organic Tea Tree Cones have cleansing properties to revitalise mind and body and support well-being. Each box contains 30 Incense Cones and an oven-baked clay Incense holder. Each cone is 3.5cm long, having a long burning time of 30-35 minutes.

UZMA wood and stone coaster is subtle and elegant. With the shiny black marble and rustic wood, this set of six makes it worth its money. Not only do they keep the tables clean and polished, but it also adds a lot to the aesthetics of the surface and room.

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