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Kurtas have been a staple of the Indian clothing for time immemorial. Our Better Planet pays homage to that while also bringing in new styles in sustainable fashion for women and fem-dressing folks.

Q1. Are these kurtas made from organic or recycled fabrics?

A1. Most of these kurtas are made from natural and organic cotton.

Q2. Are there any specific washing instructions for these kurtas?

A2. Each kurta comes with its own specific washing instructions, which can be found alongside the clothing piece itself.

Q3. Can anyone wear these kurtas?

A3. It’s 2023 and the kurta has become unisex. Why would we leave the sustainable kurta behind?

Q4. Are there any certifications or labels that validate the sustainability of these kurtas?

A4. We have certificates for our organic cotton products that will make you feel at ease knowing you are buying true organic cotton and doing a sustainable deed instead of getting greenwashed.

Q5. What materials are used to make the sustainable women's kurtas in this collection?

A5. Natural and organic cotton have been mainly used to make the sustainable kurtas and short kurtis in this collection, though you may find other sustainable fabrics too.