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From recycled paper to handmade stationary dairies, we have a wide variety of eco-friendly diaries, envelopes, and notebooks to offer you. Buy notebooks and dairies online in India at Our Better Planet, knowing with every word you write; you are contributing to a greener future.

Q1. Why do I need a diary?

A1. Diaries and notebooks can be extremely helpful, whether they are eco-friendly dairies and notebooks or not. Journaling has shown positive effects on mental health, for one. They also help you note down important events and memories.

Q2. How are Our Better Planet's Diaries Eco-Friendly?

A2. We tend to use tree-free or sustainable paper in the making of our eco-friendly diaries and notebooks. This makes them unique and green!

Q3. Are the materials used in these diaries sustainable and biodegradable?

A3. Yes, the materials used in these eco-friendly and ethical diaries are sustainable and biodegradable.

Q4. Are these sustainable dairies handcrafted?

A4. We at Our Better Planet hope to help artisans in every walk of life, so yes, we do carry a collection of handcrafted diaries, which can be found using the filter system found on the right-hand side of your desktop screen.

Q5. Why should I consider purchasing products from the "Sustainable Diaries" collection?

A5. Diaries have a lot of benefits such as helping you stay organized, and benefiting your mental well-being. Plus, things that are written by hand are retained longer. So the question then becomes why you should purchase a sustainable diary over a conventional one. The answer is nuanced but in one word, deforestation. By using recycled, tree-free or sustainably sourced paper in our dairies, and by buying those diaries, you help us support sustainable sourcing of paper as well as living a sustainable life which is important for our planet at the moment.