Originated from the Sanskrit words, 'iti' meaning Your and 'dôr' meaning the thread, iti dôr is the thread that connects you to your roots, taking you back in time to the land of peace and elegance! Inspired by Indian cultures, we are all about contempo-traditional designs, innovation and quality. iti dôr is a clothing brand that reunites you to where you came from.The perfect blend of new and old, retro and modern, classy and quirky, iti dôr brings to you beautifully thought styles crafted by the masters to perfection. What's more, we don't believe in 'one size fits all' and are happy to tailor your needs exclusively! We strengthen the string that connects your heart to ours, through strong communication and attention to details. Our founder, Ms. Siddhi Somani, incepted iti dôr to revive our long forgotten bonds with Indian crafts and textiles. A fashion designer by profession and an innovator by heart, with her unwavering dedication and fiery passion, she put wings to her dreams and thus, iti dôr was born! We are an ethical fashion brand that gives a beautiful meaning to your wardrobe, with our out-of-the-box clothing styles, exquisite collections, intricate details and a pinch of fun!

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