Dawning Reversible Blouse

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This Dawning Reversible Blouse comes in a calm and soothing color that we call Kora. The story lies in the dreamy sleeves. The adjustable drawstring allows you to manipulate the style of the sleeve enabling you to tell a new story with each wear.
Crafted in 100% cotton fibres and natural materials. This 70s cotton blouse is undyed and unbleached. This blouse comes with an adjustable drawstring and is adorned with the stitches of Kantha, a form of Indian hand embroidery along the sleeve flare to create an ombre effect. The feature of reversibility is an element of multi-functionality involving the wearer in the process of choice and interchangeability.

By Lafaani
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Product Details

Material Ambar Charkha spun

Crafting Technique Handwoven

How It's Made

Please note that this fabric is Ambar Charkha spun, handwoven using traditional weaving techniques, and naturally dyed, so may vary in colour and texture.

This garment is 100% biodegradable allowing it to complete its journey.

Ethically Made in India from seed to stitch.

Type of Button used: Coconut Shell.

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