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Chairs and tables do not make a home, but are an important part of it nonetheless. But why should the planet pay for our living expenses? Get sustainable furniture and invest in Planet Earth today.

Q1. What materials are OBP’s sustainable furniture made of?

A1. OBP’s sustainable furniture is made of eco-friendly and natural materials.

Q2. Why should I switch to eco-furniture?

A2.The planet is burning and we can help. While switching to eco-furniture won’t do much, a small step in the right direction is better than none.

Q3. Is Our Better Planet's eco-friendly furniture handmade?

A3. Our Better Planet has handcrafted furniture available for your perusal and shopping pleasure.

Q4. Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining sustainable furniture?

A4. Like all sustainable products, and most conventional ones, each product is unique and comes with its own care and cleaning instructions. Thus, it is advised that you check the product details for how to care for your chosen piece of eco-friendly and ethical furniture.

Q5. Why should I choose sustainable furniture?

A5. The making of furniture requires wood, more often than not, which means deforestation. Unsustainable deforestation can lead to a lowering of the forest cover of our planet which can result in an increase in the CO2 in our atmosphere as there are not enough trees to absorb it. This increases global warming, which leads to rising temperatures. If you think now the heat is bad, imagine it worse. One of the ways to avoid that hellish future is to switch to as sustainable a lifestyle as you can, and a part of that could be buying sustainable furniture instead of conventional one.

Q6. Is this sustainable furniture suitable for all homes?

A6. While we have tried to curate a collection that is suitable for all homes and interiors, only you can decide whether a piece fits your home. You might want to consider your vibe, budget, previous and current furniture, needs, whether you have elderly or children or pets in the house, your cleaning availability, and the climate you live in before you decide on a piece. Happy shopping.