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You know what makes you look like you just walked out a Wattpad novel where the rich billionaire gets the girl? A blazer jacket. Nothing can beat the sexiness of a blazer suit. And if it’s sustainable…oh la la. 

Beat the cold with style. Get a sustainable blazer or jacket from Our Better Planet today and show your commitment to fashion and sustainability.

Q1. Do these blazers and jackets meet any specific environmental certifications or standards?

A1. Yes, the jackets and blazers made of materials like organic cotton have certificates ensuring sustainable and organic fabric materials were used.

Q2. Are the materials used in these blazers and jackets sustainably sourced?

A2. Yes, the materials used in these blazers are sustainably sourced.

Q3. Can I find blazers and jackets in a variety of colors and patterns?

A3. Our Better Planet tries to serve. With us, you can definitely rock the cold billionaire look and also the summer sweetheart look. You just have to..look.

Q4. Are these blazers and jackets suitable for different seasons and climates?

A4. Our Better Planet does have eco-friendly jackets and blazers which are suitable for multiple seasons. When you start searching, you are sure to find a piece that feels like it’s made for you.

Q5. How can I be sure that these blazers and jackets are made with sustainable practices?

A5. While you have to extend a little trust towards us, we make it easy for you. Our products made from organic cotton and khadi have certifications ensuring their organicity. With each product, we share it’s story right from materials used to whether it’s handmade or not, and which area it was made in. You have all you need to verify that we are as sustainable as we claim.