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Silver jewellery serves to cool you down and make you look like you stepped out of an old Bollywood movie. What more does one need? Get eco-friendly silver jewellery at OBP .

Q1. Are the jewellery pieces in this collection handmade or mass-produced?

A1. OBP tries to support artisans where we can so yes, all our jewellery is handmade.

Q2. What materials are used to create these sustainable jewellery pieces?

A2. Most of these sustainable jewelry is made using sterling silver.

Q3. Are there any specific instructions for cleaning or storing this eco-friendly jewellery?

A3. Each piece contains care instructions which will help you ensure the jewellery last long enough for you to make it a heirloom. Or so we hope. 

Q4. Are the gemstones used in the jewelry ethically sourced and conflict-free?

A4. The companies we have partnered with for this collection promote slow fashion and their gemstones are sustainable, upcycled, and handcrafted. So yes, these eco-friendly jewels are indeed ethically sourced and conflict-free to the best of our knowledge.

Q5. Why should I pick sustainably sourced gemstones over conventional ones?

A5. Conventional gemstones do a lot of damage to the environment, and are plagued with human right tissue. The mining of such gemstones can lead to issues like deforestation without any thought of sustainable growth of trees, people not being paid fair wages and made to work long hours in dangerous conditions, and more. To avoid these human rights and climate based issues, we suggest you get gems that are gorgeous and were made beautifully with care towards people and planet.